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    About Deals

    ONTRAPORT Deals is a powerful, effortless way to track and visualize your sales efforts. Deals can be used to show potential future sales or your "sales pipeline" and it's is easily customizable for your business needs. Once activated, the pre-built features will help you get up and running quickly.

    If you've ever wanted to have more accurate forecasts of your sales at your fingertips or quickly check in on your sales team and see how many leads have been closed vs lost, we've made that easy (and a whole lot more)!

    We suggest that you take a look at Companies and Card View. Although Deals can work independently, these two features can greatly enhance the power of Deals.

    Activate Deals

    Turn on Deals by clicking your Profile icon, then click Administration > Advanced Features > Deals and toggle it on.



    About the Deals Collection

    Just like the Contacts Collection, Deals can have Campaigns, Forms, Tags, Messages etc. When creating Campaigns, Forms, and Messages for your Deals, be sure to select from the Deals dropdown.

    To add a Form built under the Deals collection to an ONTRApage, copy the Form code and paste it into a Custom HTML block. Fields from other collections such as Contacts (e.g. primary contact) and Companies (e.g Name) can be added.

    To import Deal records, go to DealsSettings > Import Deals.

    Use Deals as a Sales Pipeline

    Let's put Deals to good use! There are an infinite number of business types and models in which Deals can be utilized. Below is an example of how to use Deals.

    1. Imagine Samantha filled out your free consultation request form. Samantha is now a new prospect in your business.

    2. You receive notification that someone filled out your consultation request form. You find her Contact record and give her a call.

    3. After talking with her, you get an idea that Samantha wants to purchase a bundle of your products. So you create a new Deal.  Just as each contact in ONTRAPORT has a Contact record. Each Deal has it's own record.

    4. Now that you've created the Deal, it's time to add the details you've collected so far. As the call progresses, you discover more information including when she expects to purchase (expected close date) and how interested she is (expected win %). Add notes, send emails to related contacts, create tasks and update fields that are related to that specific Deal.

    5. Now take a look at of all your prospects in Card View so you can view your entire sales pipeline, including Samantha.

    6. Drag and drop your contacts as they progress through your sales stages. When you move a contact from column to column, ONTRAPORT will automatically update the sales stage field.


    Campaigns for Deals

    When Deals is activated, ONTRAPORT automatically installs some Campaigns for Deals that run automatically behind the scenes to increase their power and effectiveness. For example, automation of some field values, tracking prospects activity, segmenting deals by size (using color fields), calculating weighted deal values and keeping you current on the expected close dates, are all managed by the Campaigns for Deals.

    Primary and Related Contacts in a Deal

    A powerful feature of Deals is the ability to communicate with either the Primary or all the Related Contacts (to the Deal) via a Campaign. Learn more here.


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      Sam Foss

      Where do I find the form code to post into an Ontrapage HTML block?