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custom objects structure recommandation

Florent Walter



We organise some events and we want to have information in contacts involved, as if they are interested / financing / paid for exemple.

Also, a contact can be interseted for several events with different states in each.

So in my mind we must use a many to many relation between event custom object and contacts, but there is some question then :

- I would like when i look to my event wich contact and what state they are. Can we have a field in the custom object related to each contact interested in order to have his state on a specific event ?

- We this relation many to many if i understand i will not be able to easily make a mailing to people involved in the event ?

- Should i create an event custom object one to many with bids for that event many to one with contacts ? should it be better regarding automation or statistics ?


Thank you in advance for your time


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Yesterday, we added the ability to send email from one record in a many-to-many relationship to all the related records. And example is a Teacher and Student Custom Objects relationship set to many-to-many (each teacher can have many students, and each student can have many teachers). An email configured to go to the related object records, set for the Email address, would be sent to all the related object records.

A teacher could send an email to all the related students, and each student would receive the same email. A student could send an email to all of her related teachers, and each teacher would receive the same email. 

When creating the email drill down in the Send email to field to the Related Object >> Related Object Record >> Email. In this example we are drilling down to "Related Contacts" >> "Related Contact" (single record) >> Email field.

Frank Hagan

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I've just read that it is possible to do multiple relations one to many for the usecase of contacts following multiple events. That is better for automation. Got that.

The question about state of interest of a contact for a specific event is anyway not clear for me. Does someone had the same case as me ?

Florent Walter 0 votes

By "state of interest" do you mean a physical state like California or the stage they are at in the buying cycle like "prospect", "lead", "quoted", "purchased"?

Frank Hagan 1 vote

Yes i mean buying cycle you're right. In time i have created a custom object to handle quotations for contacts using the bid example (many to one with contacts). In order to be able to make automation with every contact in a given buying state and for a specific event, I think I will create a second custom object named event, with a one to many relation with quotations, (and also perhaps a many to one with contacts ?)

Florent Walter 0 votes

Florent, you might look into our Card View feature that works for Contacts and all Custom Objects. You could add a drop down type field to the Custom Object where each value of the drop down would correspond to the stage of the buying cycle. As the objects proceed through the cycle you can have the field updated via a Update Contact element in a Campaign or a Rule to change the field directly. Here's the intro video to it:  

An Introduction to Card View




Frank Hagan 0 votes