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    Campaign Builder Checklist



    The Campaign Builder Checklist updates with "to do" items as you add elements to your Campaign Map. You must complete these items before publishing your Campaign. The items appear as links, in blue. Click the link to go to that element to complete the configuration.

    A checklist link to the element requiring configuration



    Add Your Own Items to the Checklist

    You can add your own content or "to do" items to the Checklist. The Campaign can still be published with unchecked items that you have added. This allows you to brand the Checklist with your logo, create backlinks, etc. before you share the Campaign in the Marketplace. Or, to add reminders for the future, after the Campaign is published.

    The Checklist accepts a limited number of HTML tags to insert images, links, ordered or unordered lists, and font properties such as bold, underline and italic. Some examples of formatting you can use:

    • Display a hosted image: <img src="https://image-url" />
    • Insert a hyperlink (opens in new window): <a href="">ONTRAPORT</a>
    • Ordered or Numbered list: <ol><li>Number One</li><li>Second Number</li><li>Three</li></ol>
    • Unordered or Bulleted list: <ul><li>Bullet Item at Top</li><li>Next Bullet Item</li></ul>
    • Bold Text: <strong>text</strong>
    • Italics Text: <em>text</em>
    • Underlined Text: <span style="text-decoration: underline;">text</span>
    • Focus and Hyperlink a Campaign Element
      • Click the element to bring it into focus
      • Note the element ID number in the bottom left corner

      • Enter this code and replace "This Email Element" text with whatever you'd like to reference. <a data-nodeid="4" class="checklist-tem_link">This Email Element</a>

    When you share a Campaign in the Marketplace your entries into the Checklist appear in the recipient's copy of the Campaign. This allows you to brand your Campaigns with a logo, provide backlinks, etc.

    Example Checklist

    Campaign builder checklist with unfinished and finished items


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