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    Campaign Builder Actions


    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts. Not all features are in all account levels.

    Action elements do something with your Contact. To add an element to your Campaign, click on the "What Happens Next?" icon in your Campaign and then on the desired element. To locate the element you wish to use, click the tabs (Popular, Actions, Filters, Advanced) or use the search box in the upper right to search for a specific Campaign element.

    The following Action elements are available except as noted:

    • Add to Campaign
    • Remove from Campaign
    • Pause / Unpause Campaign
    • Add to Sequence (Legacy feature)
    • Remove from Sequence
    • Pause / Unpause Sequence
    • Update Contact (any editable field)
    • Change Tags
    • Send an Email
    • Send an SMS
    • Send to Fulfillment
    • Remove from Fulfillment List
    • Assign Task
    • Send a Postcard
    • Notify Someone with SMS
    • Notify (someone) with Email
    • Cancel open orders
    • Recharge transactions
    • Add product to purchase history
    • Add to lead router
    • Give WordPress membership access (advanced tab)
    • Remove WordPress membership access (advanced tab)
    • Add to Facebook Custom Audience (advanced tab)
    • Send a Webhook (advanced tab)

    Actions available to Campaigns


    What Each Element Does

    • Update Contact (field): This action allows you to automate changing a field in a Contact record. Common usecases include changing a status field from lead to client, blanking out a field and updating a date field to a time in the future or past.

    • Change Tags: Adds or removes tags from your contacts. Tags are like labels for your Contacts, great for quick segmentation. Common examples are is to add a "customer" Tag and remove a "lead" Tag after a purchase or add a Tag based on a link click. Learn more about Tags here.
    • Send an Email: Sends an email to a contact. One example of this is to have an email sent with a download link to a free product after an opt-in form is filled out.

    • Send an SMS: Send an SMS (aka Text Message) to a contact. Examples include appointment reminders and confirmations. For more on SMS, check out this article.

    • Send to Fulfillment List: This action adds your contacts to a Fulfillment List (CSV). Commonly used if you to have a list of contacts who reached a particular step in your process. For example, a list of everyone who should receive a welcome packet.

    • Remove From Fulfillment List: This action removes your contacts from a Fulfillment List (CSV).

    • Assign Task: This action allows you to assign Tasks to team members. Tasks are steps in a process that are non-automatable (e.g. phone calls, reviewing items, etc). For example, assign a Task to your assistant to review an application or your sales person to call a new lead. Check out this example on how to Assign Tasks. Not available in ONTRAPORT Basic.

    • Send a Postcard (US Only): This action triggers a Postcard to be sent (United States only). Great for those who want to send out physical coupons, reminders or Birthday cards.

    • Give WordPress Membership: This action grants access to your WordPress membership site. This is commonly used after a membership purchase or a partner program sign up. Not available in ONTRAPORT Basic.

    • Remove WordPress membership access: This removes membership access. This feature could be utilized for a free trial. For example, if they have not purchased within 14 days then remove their access from the membership site. Not available in ONTRAPORT Basic.

    • Add to Facebook Custom Audience: Take advantage of our Facebook integration with this action. Adds or remove a contact to or from a Facebook Custom Audience. For example, once a contact has purchased a product, add them to your Facebook Custom Audience that encourages sharing and referrals instead of buying your product.

    • Cancel Open Orders: This action cancels a payment plan or recurring payment. For example, a contact completes your membership cancellation form, this element will remove the open order from the contact record and the contact would not be charged for the product again. This action does NOT cancel the membership level. Use the remove WordPress membership access element to accomplish this. Not available in ONTRAPORT Basic.

    • Recharge Transactions: Use this action to recharge transitions that are in collections. Learn more about the collections and recharge settings here. Not available in ONTRAPORT Basic.

    • Add Product to Purchase History: Used to add products to contact's purchase history. Select your product in the settings so that it will appear in the contact's purchase history. Not available in ONTRAPORT Basic.

    • Add to Lead Router: This action will add a contact to a Lead Router. Most commonly used in sales to route leads to different reps.

    • Notify Someone with SMS: Use this action to send a SMS (Text Message) to a team member or even a non-team member. Great for reminders of important appointments or tasks.

    • Notify Someone with Email: Use this action to notify team members via email. An alternative to reminding via SMS.

    • Webhook: This advanced action element is used to send information from ONTRAPORT to another system that accepts this type of data. For example, you could use a Webhook to send contact data such as email address to a webinar system to register the contact for the webinar. See this article for more details. Not available in ONTRAPORT Basic.

    • Add to Campaign: Adds a contact to a Campaign. Usecase: If you have a Campaign for your leads and the contact purchases a product, you can add them to your customer Campaign using this element. Contacts will proceed through the entire Campaign path before returning to the original Campaign. Please see the section below on Add to Sequence and Add to Campaign for more details.

    • Add to Sequence (Legacy feature): Adds a contact to a legacy Sequence. Contacts will proceed through the entire Sequence before returning to the Campaign, and only if the Sequence Settings are set to "Unsubscribe after last step". Please see the section below on Add to Sequence and Add to Campaign for more details. Not available in ONTRAPORT Basic or Plus accounts created after June, 2018.

    Add to Sequence and Add to Campaign Actions

    Actions happen immediately when the Contact reaches them, and the Contact progresses to the next Campaign element automatically in most cases. Two Action Elements have special timing considerations, the Add to Sequence and Add to Campaign elements.

    The Add to Sequence Action sends the Contact to the Sequence and waits until the Contact returns to continue on the Campaign. If the Contact never returns then they never progress past the Add to Sequence element.

    Note: Date and Step Sequences are not available to ONTRAPORT Basic and newer Plus accounts created after June 1, 2018. This element will not appear in those accounts.

    Step Sequences: For legacy ONTRAPORT accounts, you must configure Step Sequences to "Unsubscribe contact after last step":

    1. In the Step Sequence editor, click the Settings button

      Step Sequence settings
    2. Check the checkbox next to "Unsubscribe contact after last step"

      check the unsubscribe after last step checkbox
    3. If you want to keep the Contact on the Step Sequence indefinitely, use a Fork element in the Campaign to send the Contact to the Step Sequence and continue on the Campaign at the same time.

    Date Sequences: Add a Rule Step to unsubscribe the Contact from that specific sequence after the last scheduled step in the Date Sequence. If the Date Sequence is an evergreen sequence that runs the date steps every year, they will stay on the Date Sequence indefinitely and never progress past the "Add to Sequence" element on the Campaign. Use a Fork element to send the Contacts to the Date Sequence and simultaneously have them continue on the Campaign Map.

    use a Fork filter prior to the Sequence element to avoid timing issues with Date Sequences

    The Add to Campaign element will also wait until the Contact returns from the other Campaign. The Contact will have to reach an End or a End with Exit element before returning and progressing on the Campaign Map. If this is not the desired outcome, use a Fork element before the Add to Campaign element as explained above.

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