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    Campaign Builder Modes





    About Campaign Builder Modes

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    The ONTRAPORT Campaign Builder has Edit Mode and Performance Mode. You can also enable the experimental Projection Mode.

    Edit Mode

    Edit Mode is active when you are first creating and anytime you are editing a Campaign Map. In Edit Mode the changes you make are saved, but not published until you specifically publish the Campaign. When you save but do not publish a new or changed Campaign Map the Campaign Builder saves a draft of the Campaign Map.

    elements from Edit Mode in the Campaign Builder

    Performance Mode

    Performance Mode shows you the active Campaign Map, complete with statistics about each Campaign Element on the Map. Performance Mode is a view only mode. To make changes to the Campaign Map you must enter Edit Mode.

    elements showing statistics in Performance Mode

    Projection Mode

    Projection Mode uses your Campaign’s current stats to predict how changes will affect your overall Campaign. Adjusting the number of Contacts or the conversion percentage on a particular Trigger, Goal, Wait, Condition or Split will instantly display a "what if" scenario, showing you the impact of that change on all the downstream elements.

    Projection Mode is currently still in ONTRAPORT Labs. ONTRAPORT Labs includes new features that add significant functionality but are not yet completely finished. When all of the functionality is added to Projection Mode it will move out of ONTRAPORT Labs and into the main application. Until that time, feel free to activate it and use the functionality that has been completed. Please see the separate article on Projection Mode for more information.





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