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    Active Re Engagement


    This package was created to make it easy for you to maintain a consistent and clean contact database, allowing for optimal delivery rates. By removing inactive subscribers you'll be saving money on contact overages, email volume, and seeing an overall better return on your investment. With this package you will be ready to start keeping your contact database lists clean by:


    • Automatically removing contacts who have been inactive or unresponsive to your emails, product offers, membership site, etc. for 3 months 

    • Enticing inactive or unresponsive contacts to purchase a product or get access to a free gift for re-engaging again.


    With this package you'll have all the necessary tools to keep your list squeaky clean.


    If you're interested in a map of the package, we've included one at the bottom of this article.


    How exactly does this system work?


    This system begins with any contact entering your system


    1. A Contact enters your database via form fill out, API, import, or manual entry. The Contact is added to the V2: Active Re-Engagement Date Sequence via the global Rule V2: Active Re-Engagement: Initiate

    2. If the Contact's Last Activity date field goes more than 80 days without being updated, the contact will receive the email message with the subject line “It's Been A While” (Message Name: V2 Active Re-Engagement Email #1). The Last Activity date field updates based on Contact actions including email opens, email link clicks, products purchased, tracked page visits and form fill outs.

    3. 10 days after the previous message is sent (assuming they don't open, click, purchase or fill out a form), a final message is sent with the subject line "Sorry to See You Go" (Message Name: V2 Active Re-Engagement Email #2).

    4. 91 days after the Contact has had no activity, the Contact's bulk email status is set to opt-out. If the Contact fills out a form after their bulk email status was set to opt-out and the Contact remained in your database, the bulk email status will change to single opt-in and steps 2-3 will resume and only trigger if the Contact goes another 80 days without activity.


    IMPORTANT: This system uses the Last Activity date field. If you are using an API to push shopping cart transactions, an API Helper (e.g., Zapier or Apiant) to push shopping cart product purchases or entering manual transactions, the Last Activity field will not update.

    How to install this package

    Below are step by step instructions on how to install a package into your ONTRAPORT account:


    1. Copy and paste the package code 0zTcPJ5s8fVlPIs. Click on the arrow in the upper right hand corner of your screen next to the email address and go to Account.

    2. Click on the Add Package link in the Content Packages section. In the pop-up box, add the package code 0zTcPJ5s8fVlPIs. Then click the Confirm button.

      add a package

    3. We recommend that you pause the global Rule called V2: Active Re-Engagement: Initiate until you've completed the steps below.

      pause rule

    4. Navigate to the Sequences collection and open up the Step Sequence titled Active Re Engagement: Active Re Engagement.

    5. Click on the first email step. Customize email with your own content by clicking the Edit Email button.

    6. Click on the second email step. Customize the email with your own content by clicking the Edit Email button.

    7. Click Save in the upper right hand corner when finished.

    8. Resume the Sequence by checking the box next to the Sequence called V2: Active Re-Engagement and select Resume from the actions drawer.
    9. Navigate to the Rules collection, check the box next to the Rule called V2: Active Re-Engagement: Initiate and select Resume from the actions drawer.



    Q. What if I want to change the time settings for when users will be unsubscribed?

    A. Open up the Sequence titled V2: Active Re Engagement. Change the time settings on the first step (which ever offset of time you put here will be when they receive the first email). Then, save step and open the second step. Change when they receive the second and final email. Once the date settings are to your liking then save the sequence and you'll be good to go.


    Q. How do I interact with the system?

    A. Interaction with this system is very simple as it is completely automated and requires no further attention once it's been setup! If you'd like to make any changes to the flow or time frame of the system do not hesitate to give support a call.

    Q. What are ways that I can get my Contacts to re-engage?

    A. There are lots of ways to entice your Contacts to re-engage with you including free ebooks, contests and coupons. Check out our usecase guide on cold lead re-engagement for some great ideas.


    Q. Can I add more email steps to the Sequence?

    A. You bet! Create an email message and add it to the V2: Active Re-Engagement Sequence. Make sure you schedule of the new email step to fire based on a specific event x days after the Last Activity merge field.





    Enter Package Code

    Input package code (0zTcPJ5s8fVlPIs) into the Account section

    Add custom content


    Go to the Sequence that was added by the package and add customized content for your business.

    Assign Contacts to Sequence

    Change dates (optional)

    Assign all current contacts to the V2: Active Re-Engagement Sequence

    Change date fields in Sequence to reflect how long a contact can be inactive before being removed




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