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    Active Re Engagement


    Clearing out dead or inactive Contacts the right way can improve your email delivery. The "List Cleaning and Re-engagement" campaign can automate selecting the contacts you need to prune.

    This campaign uses the "Last Activity" date field to show how engaged your contacts are. That field is updated whenever your contact clicks a link, visits a tracked page, purchases a product or interacts with your account in any other way.

    You edit a single email, with the link to a tracked web page or landing page, and ONTRAPORT takes care of tagging contacts that have not engaged with you over the last 30 to 45 days.

    This campaign differs from the more complex and resource intensive campaign that checked the status of each contact multiple times per day. This version will not increase the load on your ONTRAPORT account while still identifying those contacts you want to prune.

    How to Use This Campaign

    The Campaign will tag contacts that are not engaged with the "Inactive Contact" tag. Create a Contact Group with the criteria "Tags contain Inactive Contact" to view and disposition inactive contacts. You can decide to:

    • Keep the contacts for some reason (for example, if they have sales history you want to keep)
    • Export the contacts and keep an off-line copy of them
    • Delete the contacts to avoid paying for contacts you don't need.

    For contacts you want to keep forever, simply remove the "Inactive Contact" tag.

    Install the List Cleaning and Re-Engagement Campaign

    Watch the video for background information on installing and editing a Campaign from a link, then click to install: List Cleaning and Re-Engagement Campaign

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