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    Safe Harbor Certification

    What is Safe Harbor Certification?

    The U.S. and the EU developed the Safe Harbor framework to bridge the gap between their different standards for privacy protection and transfer of personal data (e.g. name, address, credit card numbers).   


    This certification assures EU organizations that any Safe Harbor certified U.S. organization provides privacy protection that’s up to EU standards. Companies that are certified are deemed to have ‘adequate’ data protection, allowing uninterrupted flow of sensitive information between the U.S. and EU. 

    Why We Became Safe Harbor Certified

    We have clients all over the world, and it’s of the utmost importance to us that we’re trusted custodians of your personal information. This certification boasts:

    • Much more simplified compliance process.  

    • Simple, efficient flow of information between U.S. and EU countries.  

    7 Safe Harbor Principles

    As a Safe Harbor certified company, ONTRAPORT must abide by these seven principles to maintain certification

    • Notice - Individuals must be informed that their data is being collected and how it will be used.

    • Choice - Individuals have the ability to opt-out of the collection, future transfer or disclosure of their data to third parties.

    • Onward Transfer - Data may only be transferred to third parties who are also Safe Harbor certified.

    • Security - Reasonable measures must be taken to prevent loss of collected data/ personal information.

    • Data Integrity - Data that is collected must be relevant for the purpose for which it is to be used.  

    • Access - Individuals must have access to personal information about them and be able to amend or delete it if it’s inaccurate.

    • Enforcement - Measures must be taken to enforce these principles. 

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