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    Email FROM Address Setup

    About the Email FROM address

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    An email FROM address shows up in the from line of any email you send. By default, any email coming from ONTRAPORT is sent from the initial email FROM address you added when setting up your account.

    You need to set up an email FROM address in your account so that you are able to mail on behalf of your own domain.

    Allowed Email FROM Addresses

    If you send your email from any of the following free email accounts your messages are likely to be blocked or sent to the spam filter.

    • @outlook.* #ex would be
    • @yahoo.* #ex would be or
    • @yahoo.* .* #ex would be ###also note that space is added to prevent markdown from bolding the period
    • @* #ex would be
    • @hotmail.*
    • @hotmail.* .*
    • @live.*
    • @live.* .*
    • @aol.*
    • @aol.* .*
    • @protonmail.*

    If your sign-up email address is from any of these email services, or another free email service, you should create an email address based on your business domain name to use as your FROM email address.

    How to add an email FROM address

    1. Go to Administration > Email > Email ‘FROM’ Address Set Up

      administration menu

      email section
    2. Click Add Email

    3. Add an email address
    4. ONTRAPORT will send a confirmation email to that address. Click the link in it to confirm the address.
    5. The email From address cannot be used until it is confirmed. ONTRAPORT will use your confirmed Administration email address until confirmation is received.

    Important Facts and Best Practices

    • The "Email From" address can be unique and different than the "Reply-To Email" address. The "Email From" address shows in the email client as the person sending the email, while the "Reply-To Email" is where replies to the email are sent.
    • If you lose the confirmation email before confirming an email from address, you are always able to send yourself another confirmation email by clicking Re-send Confirmation in the email from address setup menu.
    • After setup, some contacts using Outlook, Hotmail, or Windows Live will still see your emails as coming from "[Your account ID]" because those providers show what’s called the true sender.
    • You can remove the "via ONTRAMAIL" line that appears next to your From address; see Remove 'via ONTRAMAIL' from your Email From Address
    • If you have more than one "Email From" address don't forget to set a default.

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