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    Email FROM Address Setup

    What is an email FROM address?

    An email FROM address shows up in the from line of any email you send and looks like this to your readers. By default, any email coming from ONTRAPORT is sent from the initial email FROM address you added when setting up your account.

    You need to set up an email FROM address in your account so that you are able to mail on behalf of your own domain ( This hides the fact that we're sending for you and makes it look like your emails are coming directly from you rather than from ONTRAPORT. It also improves the delivery rate of your emails.


    How to add an email FROM address

    1. Go to Administration > Email section > Email ‘FROM’ Address Set Up

      administration menu

      email section

    2. Click Add Email 
    3. Add an email address

      1. Type an existing email address of yours into the text field

      2. Click Add E-Mail              

    4. Confirm your email FROM address

      1. Log into the email account that you set up the email from address for

      2. Open the email sent to you from ONTRAPORT

      3. Click on the confirmation link within

    Important Facts & Best Practices

    • The email from address is different than the Reply-To Email address, which is the address people will email if they click reply to your emails.
    • If you lose the confirmation email before confirming an email from address, you are always able to send yourself another confirmation email by clicking Re-send Confirmation in the email from address setup menu.
    • After setup, some contacts using Outlook, Hotmail, or Windows Live will still see your emails as coming from [Your account ID] because those providers show what’s called the true sender.
    • If you have more than one from address stored, don't forget to set a default
    • You will receive better client recognition and thus higher open and delivery rates when mailing from your business domain or own domain ( or rather than from that of an email service provider ( or

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