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    Migrating to ONTRAPORT from Office AutoPilot


    Applies to: OfficeAutopilot Accounts only.

    Migrating from OfficeAutopilot to ONTRAPORT is done under the watchful eyes of our development team. You will be able to access your account throughout the process except at the exact point of migration, which takes about 15 minutes. All of your forms, email links, etc. will continue to operate normally. When the migration is complete, we will send you an email and our Support Managers will follow up with you.

    This article provides more information on the differences between OfficeAutopilot and ONTRAPORT, the optional steps you might want to take prior to migration, and what you can expect after you migrate.

    Before Migration: Optional Steps You Can Take

    • The Tracking Tab data disappears: ONTRAPORT uses entirely new and easier to use tracking methods and a separate tracking script for each domain is no longer used.
    • Centralized Message Storage: One of the main differences between OfficeAutopilot and ONTRAPORT is how messages are created and stored. You may have unique messages created in a sequence that appears only in that sequence. After migration, these messages will be stored in the Messages library with a notation of the sequence and step in the message name. Do not delete these Messages as they are now the original message the sequence references. Edit the message in the sequence as normal, but be aware that the message in the Messages library will be updated automatically.
    • Products and Terms & Conditions: In ONTRAPORT Products stand alone, without associated pricing, terms and conditions, and payment types (subscriptions, trial periods, or payment plans). Existing order forms will still work, of course, but to create new order forms you may need to know your old configuration. We recommend taking screen shots of your Products with payment plans, trial periods or subscriptions so you can duplicate them later. In addition, Terms & Conditions are handled differently and won't transfer over, so make sure you have a copy so you can recreate them later.
    • Order Forms: In ONTRAPORT, you use the Smart Form editor to create Order Forms, complete with new and expanded features, allowing you to change the price of the products on the fly, enable your customers to change the quantity ordered, coupon code usage, etc. Your current OfficeAutopilot Order Forms will still work after the migration, but cannot be edited. You will not be able to see the Settings on the existing Order Forms. We recommend taking screen shots of the Settings of each Order Form to recreate them easily in ONTRAPORT.
    • Email attachments: In accordance with the changing standards among Email Service Providers (ESP), ONTRAPORT does not allow bulk email to be sent with attachments. Messages with attachments will no longer send the attachment. Convert any messages with attachments to use the OfficeAutopilot File Manager and links for your customers to download the file.
    • Mail servers change from "moon-ray" to "ONTRAmail"
    • Automated Recharge Settings: ONTRAPORT has automated recharge settings as explained in this article: Collections and Recharge Settings. Upon migration, the default recharge settings will take effect and your past due charges will be recharged. If you do not want past due orders automatically recharged please void them in OfficeAutopilot before migration.

    After Migration - What You'll Notice Upon Logging In

    The migration to ONTRAPORT is largely an interface upgrade. It's has an updated look and feel and is much easier to navigate and use. However, there are also several feature improvements:

    • Visual Campaign Builder: A robust and responsive interface invites you to effortlessly create one-of-a-kind journeys for your leads and customers to drive engagement, purchases and even referrals
    • SMS automation: 2-way text message communication in Sequences, Broadcast and Rules.
    • Payments 2.1: Dramatically improved payments system. Order Forms use the Smart Form editor. Improved tax and shipping systems. Improved invoices. Price no longer tied to product. Buyers can select the quantity they want to purchase of your products. Coupon codes are enabled.
    • Brand new Dashboard with optimized loading times and easy to create metrics.
    • Improved Message Management. All Messages now live in Message Library and are pulled into Sequences. This gives better reporting and ability to edit all instances of a Message from one place.
    • Improved Task System. Now uses Message Library which give the ability to template and 'pull' Tasks. Much improved task outcomes.
    • New workflow system designed to save work progress so you never lose your work.
    • Better team management. Improved Role and Permission systems.
    • New Tracking System. Much improved, it is now compatible with Google Analytics UTM parameters. Much better reporting.
    • Dramatically improved Field Editor for your Contacts. Drag Fields between sections. Create tabs which contain sections and drag sections between tabs.
    • Localization: View interface in any language (if we don't have the language you request we can make it a reality if you'll help with the translation!)
    • Redone Image and File Manager
    • Improved import and export
    • Math calculations for numeric fields in Rules. (make field x = field y + z / 23 or whatever)
    • Dramatically improved network and database architecture with improved stability and speed.

    Support: We're Here for You

    ONTRAPORT is committed to making your migration as seamless as possible. We will email you as soon as the migration is completed, and our Support team will be on high alert for your questions and concerns. A Support team members will follow up with you shortly after the migration.


    Want to learn more? Here are some resources on ONTRAPORT:

    • Introductory videos and Feature Videos; our classic training series updated for the ONTRAPORT interface. A perfect way to familiarize yourself with the UI changes.
    • The ONTRAPORT Getting Started FAQ

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    • Avatar
      Paul Dobson

      I cannot believe this:

      'Email attachments: In accordance with the changing standards among Email Service Providers (ESP), ONTRAPORT does not allow bulk email to be sent with attachments. Messages with attachments will no longer send the attachment. Convert any messages with attachments to use the OfficeAutopilot File Manager and links for your customers to download the file."

      I dislike the new Ontraport and now I have to manually go through all my Sequences and manually fix a problem caused by Ontraport. What a lousy migration experience!

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Sorry that you feel that way, Paul, but it is unfortunately part of the changing landscape in the email delivery business. It will be hard to find a provider that still allows email attachments (MailChimp, Aweber, InfusionSoft, etc. all no longer allow them). 

      ONTRAPORT does provide free file storage space in Administration > File Manager, making it easy to link to a file in your email and have your client download it.

    • Avatar
      Kate Cygan

      Hi Paul,


      Thanks for the feedback! You don't need to go through and fix anything though. Your previous Messages and Sequences will still send with attachments. You won't be able to see them in the interface but they will be there. This change will primarily impact your Messages moving forward. This change will increase your inbox rates overall.


      Let me know if you have questions. Again, no changes are required of you. All of your previous attachments will still send!