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    Stripe Gateway Migration

    About Stripe Gateway Migration

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    If you are migrating from another system and have your customer data including credit card details stored in Stripe you can export that data and have it imported using our Custom Import Services. The ONTRAPORT Stripe Token gateway can then be used to continue processing open orders you have imported, and all future orders, for those customers.

    Exporting Stripe Data

    In Stripe, click on Customers in the side column, select the customers you want to export using the Filter function, and  click the Export button.

    Use customers then export to export customer information in Stripe

    The resulting CSV file can be imported by our team using Custom Import Services.

    Limitations of Imported Customer Data

    Stripe exports a token instead of the actual customer credit card information. This token is used to process transactions without passing the credit card details to the gateway. One important limitation is that you cannot transfer this token to another payment gateway. To change payment gateways for these imported customers you will need them to update their card details.

    Note: This limitation does not exist when your customer has provided their credit card details on an ONTRAPORT order form. You can use any payment gateway, including the Stripe Token gateway, for those customers.


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