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    I want to learn the basics

    The Introduction to ONTRAPORT Video Series is a good place to start. Hosted by our CEO Landon Ray, the series provides a great overview of the concepts and tools available, as well as the best practices to leverage the power of ONTRAPORT for your success. The following sections provide the step-by-step "how to" knowledge to get up and running fast!

    Web Browser Compatibilty

    We ensure that our app is compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Please use one of these browsers when working inside your ONTRAPORT account. Using other browsers (e.g. Safari and Internet Explorer) may cause compatibility issues including latency and visual differences.

    Logging into your ONTRAPORT account

    Visit and click the login link to enter your username and password. You may also bookmark


    Get In-App Help

    About This Page is a context sensitive help feature that provides a description of the current page or section plus training videos, FAQs, ONTRAPORT Projects and links to related support material.

    The first time you visit a new section of ONTRAPORT with About This Page available the information will appear on the screen. 

    The About This Page information can be "popped out" into a separate window by clicking the "↗" icon at the top right, allowing full interaction with ONTRAPORT. Sections can be expanded by clicking the "↕ More"
    icon. Closing the About This Page information using the standard window "X" icon collapses the page for recall later. You can also toggle the information off and on screen by clicking the About This Page icon at the bottom right.


    pop out or collapse the About This Page information


    When closed, the About This Page icon at the bottom right is active to recall the information.

    About This Page icon

    The following sections cover the most popular topics. 

    Contact Setup

    For new accounts, the most popular starting place is the Contact Management forum articles. Some of the more popular articles are listed below:

    Having trouble? Check out our Contact Management FAQs and Usecases.


    The Automation section describes the power at the heart of ONTRAPORT, with automation tools for your contacts such as drip marketing campaigns, auto-responders, automated product fulfillment and tasks.

    Having trouble? Check out our Sequences FAQs and Usecases.

    I want to build a system

    Setup First Lead Funnel

    Now that you have this automated system lets start building your list! At its core your list is built two ways, by import and from opt ins. This section of the setup guide is dedicated to showing you how to build a Smartform, tie it to an automated sequence, and post it online to a squeeze page and/or your website.:

    1. Create a Smartform that opts people into your list.

    2. Learn how to structure that communication into a series of automated steps that fire over time.

    3. Decide where you want to post your newly created form.

    4. Personalize your reporting dashboard to track your opt ins.

    Having trouble? Check out our bank of FAQS around automating communication with your leads:

    Setup Products to Sell

    Setup a Membership Site

    Setup Membership Products to Sell

    Setup a Partner Program


    3rd Party Integrations

    SmartForm Creation

    Link, Page, and Advertising Tracking

    WordPress Integration

    Integrate with us! Check out our API

    Task Management

    Customize your reporting dashboard

    Manage Users and Permissions

    And More ....


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