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    Creating Products


    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    Products that you create in ONTRAPORT will be available for use on our order forms in order to make sales. Products can be either physical, digital, or both. After you’ve created a product and integrated a payment gateway, you can begin to sell that product and collect payments.

    How to create a product

    1. Go to the Navigation bar > Sales menu > Products

    2. Click the New Product button

    3. Name your product

    4. Enter the base price of your product

      1. This price can be adjusted when logging manual transactions for contacts

      2. The price will also adjust to any payment plan you choose to set up on your order form

    5. Save

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    • Avatar
      George Lazos

      Can we use euro istead of dollars in the price of the product?

    • Avatar
      Customer Support

      Hi George,

      Once your order form is created you may pull the HTML form code and replace the $ sign with the Euro sign. In order to actually charge in that currency though you'll need to be integrated with either the WorldPay Gateway, Stripe, or PayPal Pro. When that is complete please email our support team at and we will put in the request to change the currency you charge in and show you how to edit your order form HTML.

    • Avatar
      Chris Johnston

      How do I modify existing products?

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      You can edit the product's price and other attributes (subscription, etc.) on the individual order form. 

      In Sales > Products, you can select the Product then click on the Product Name or Price 


    • Avatar
      Vincent Foo

      Hi Frank,

      Our company has over 50 (physical) products; do we have to create an order form for every single one of them?  We would also like to add in descriptions and an image of every individual product that we have; is there an other way of doing it instead of uploading the image in the order form? 


      Thank you very much!

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      HI Vincent - after creating the products in the Sales > Products area as shown above, you would have to create an order form for each product. When creating the order form you select the product from a drop down list to include it on that order form. Order forms can have more than one product, but you do have to create each order form. On the customer side, you can have them select the quantity to purchase if you like, but it is not a "shopping cart" type of functionality where the customer can leave the selection and browse through your site to add more items to his order.

      Order forms like this are really well suited to an online sales process where you want to target a specific product, and avoid distractions during the sales process. Customers don't have to go through a multi-step "add to cart" process and simply buy the product. That lessens cart abandons, but we realize it does not fit with catalog style product offerings. Options for shopping carts that integrate with ONTRAPORT include our native integrations with 1ShopppingCart, ClickBank and UltraCart, and integrations by some third party programs integrate ONTRAPORT with Shopify, WooCommerce and SamCart.  We add new cart integrations to our Integration Overview page

      You can upload and store the images in the File Manager, but you would have to then include them on the order form (it's a quick selection process because you have previously uploaded the image). We can also import your product name and price (the information we gather in Sales > Products as outlined in this article)  through our Custom Import process, but it is likely to be more expensive than the cost of data entry for 50 products. 

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      Jared Maxfield
      Edited by Jared Maxfield
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      Victor Fehlberg

      I have several products named (1), (2), (3), etc. They seem to be tracking sales, but I have no idea what the actual product it is tracking is. I want to update my list, but I can't tell which product each number represents.