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    Suspend Membership When Payment Fails


    Automating the actions taken when a customer payment fails greatly reduces errors and the time required to manage your membership site. This article explains how to install a Campaign that suspends the customer's access levels until they pay, at which time they are automatically reinstated.

    Note: This campaign works best with less than 15 membership levels. If you have dozens of membership levels you can still use this technique, but it is a bit harder to set up. You can consider simply revoking all access to the WordPress membership site until payment is made instead.


    Install the Suspend WordPress Membership Campaign

    Click the link below to install the campaign that will suspend individual membership levels when a payment is missed, and then restore them when payment is made. It will open in a new tab and allow you to log into your account. Click OK on any pop ups to install the campaign. Then return to this article to set up the rest of your process.

    Install the Suspend WordPress Membership Campaign

    Configure the Recharge Settings

    ONTRAPORT includes a sophisticated Recharge Settings tool that is the heart of this process. Navigate to Sales > Settings > Recharge Settings and we'll get started.

    At the top, set the values as shown, "Retry credit cards every" 3 days and "Keep trying for" 90 days.

    Next, click Add Rule and name the rule "Add to Suspend WordPress Membership". Then create the rule following these steps:

    1. Under "Conditions" add a condition for "Transaction contains" and the name of your WordPress membership product. This sets the rule to act only on failed WordPress membership transactions.
    2. Under "Actions" add an action that adds the Contact to the Campaign you just installed, the Suspend WordPress Membership campaign.
    3. Click Save to save the Rule. 

    Remember to click the blue Save button at the top right to save the recharge settings!

    Tip: Add another action to send the contact an email that their payment has failed with instructions on how to update their credit card. If you use the Campaign in this article the contact can still log into the WordPress site and update their credit card in the Customer Center if you have at least one membership level that is free and is not suspended by the campaign.

    Edit the Campaign for Your Membership Site

    Navigate to Campaigns and find the Suspend WordPress Membership campaign. Open it for editing and follow the items in the checklist. The example campaign uses three membership levels, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Two Forks provide the paths for each membership level, sending the contact down three paths simultaneously. The contact is checked for the membership level, and if it is found, the contact is suspended from that level. They wait until payment is made, and then their membership level is reinstated. The logic of the three paths is shown here.

    Edit each Campaign path to match your membership levels. To add another membership level, add another Fork at the top and copy over the path from the Condition "and all following items". Then edit the elements as needed.


    Save and publish the Campaign.

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