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    Sales Overview


    • An ONTRAPORT account
    • A product to sell
    • A Payment Gateway (optional)
    • A digital file of your product (if selling a digital product)
    • A designated shipper/shipping house (if selling a physical product)
    • An integrated WordPress site (optional)

    About ONTRAPORT Sales

    The ONTRAPORT sales system is an order form based system that allows you to sell digital and physical products. Unlike a traditional shopping cart designed to encourage "shopping", ONTRAPORT's order form based system delivers a focused selling effort with only the products you have selected for the offer. You can even optionally allow customers to increase or decrease quantities of the items in the offer.

    Powerful and flexible, the ONTRAPORT sales system allows you to offer subscription products with recurring billing, single payment products, provide free trials before payment, allow for periodic payment plans, specify shipping costs, and calculate taxes by region or other criteria.

    With robust, built-in sales functionality, you have the ability to implement one-click upsell products, customer initiated updates of payment information (without requiring a PCI compliant website) and automating product delivery. ONTRAPORT supports integration of 16 Payment Gateways, including, Stripe, PayPal Pro and WorldPay.

    How to Set Up Your ONTRAPORT Sales System

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