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    Integrating with UltraCart Shopping Cart

    About the UltraCart Integration

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    This integration allows you to sell products using UltraCart (in lieu of an ONTRAPORT Order Form) and log/track those purchases in ONTRAPORT. All of the automation power of ONTRAPORT is available using Triggers or Goals firing on the "Product Purchased" in Campaigns. Full refunds issued in UltraCart are also propagated back to ONTRAPORT.

    API and Partner Tracking Pixel Integrations

    There are two available methods set this up: an API method and a Partner Tracking Pixel method.

    Products must be created in UltraCart first. You can then sync them with ONTRAPORT using the API method. However, the API method does not track Partner sales. We recommend the following process:

    1. Create your Product(s) in UltraCart
    2. Use the API Method to integrate and synch the products into ONTRAPORT
    3. Switch UltraCart to use the Partner Tracking Pixel method
    4. When new Products are added into UltraCart, enable the API method again and sync the products

    How to set up UltraCart Integration

    For additional reference the UltraCart documentation on integration can be found here.

    API Method

    The API Method allows you to easily sync products created in UltraCart to ONTRAPORT however it does not track partner (affiliate) sales. We suggest you use the partner tracking pixel method after your initial sync of products.

    To get started, log into ONTRAPORT and click the Profile icon, then Administration > Integrations > UltraCart CONFIGURATION

    Copy the UltraCart configuration key to your clipboard.

    Now, log into UltraCart:

    1. Click on Configuration > External Integrations > ONTRAPORT.

    2. Select API under Integration Method, paste the UltraCart Key copied from ONTRAPORT in step 3 into the UltraCart Integration Key box and click Save.

    3. Go back into the UltraCart Integration section of ONTRAPORT and click the Sync Now link to sync your products from UltraCart.

    Partner Tracking Pixel Method

    The Partner Tracking Pixel Method is an easier way to integrate UltraCart, and automatically tracks partner (affiliate) sales information. It does not allow automatic syncing of products from UltraCart to ONTRAPORT at this time. If you have a lot of products in UltraCart, we recommend setting up the API Method first, syncing the products, and returning here. See How to Sync Products Using the Partner Tracking Pixel Method at the end of this section for instructions on syncing products added later.

    Note: You cannot use both the API method and the Partner Tracking Pixel Method simultaneously.

    First, you need to find your ONTRAPORT subdomain using either of the following methods:

    • Open a Smart Form for editing, click the Publish Form button and click the Host my form link. Your subdomain will be shown:

    • Click on Profile icon at the upper right, click Administration and then Developer Preferences and Resources. Open the Get Tracking Code section. Your subdomain will be shown just after the "_mr_domain=" text:

    Copy your subdomain and domain, including the "" portion, to the clipboard for use in UltraCart

    Log into UltraCart

    1. Click on Configuration > External Integrations > ONTRAPORT

    2. Select Partner Tracking Pixel under Integration Method and paste your subdomain into the ONTRAPORT Sub-domain box. Be sure to include the full subdomain and domain including the portion:

    How to Test the Integration

    Create a Partner contact in ONTRAPORT.

    1. In the Contacts Collection, create a New Contact
    2. Enter a real email address that you have access to
    3. Save the contact
    4. Click the contact’s email address to expand the Contact Record
    5. Select REFERRAL INFO
    6. Select your Partner Program in the contact’s Partner Program field
    7. Send the partner an email containing the merge field of the promotional tool that leads to the UltraCart checkout page
    8. Once the link arrives in your inbox, copy and paste it into your address bar
    9. Fill out the UltraCart order form to purchase your own product. Be sure to use a different email address than your previously created partner contact
    10. You will be taken to the Receipt Page, which triggers the creation of a new contact.
    11. This contact should be seen in your ONTRAPORT contact overview page, and it should contain the referral information as well as the product purchase

    How to Sync Products When Using the Tracking Pixel Method

    Product syncing is disabled when the Partner Tracking Pixel method is used. Follow along below to sync new products added to ONTRAPORT or UltraCart.

    Note: You cannot use both the API Method and the Partner Tracking Pixel Method at the same time, as duplicate transactions will be recorded in ONTRAPORT. Disable the standard integration (API Method above) before activating the Partner Tracking Method.

    1. Suspend selling in UltraCart
    2. Add the API code to UltraCart as shown in API Method above
    3. Return to ONTRAPORT’s Administration > Integrations > UltraCart Configuration section
    4. Click the Sync Now button.
    5. After verifying the sync is successful, return to UltraCart
    6. Remove the API code added in step 2
    7. Reactivate selling in UltraCart


    Q: Can I add purchasers to a Campaign in ONTRAPORT?

    A: Yes. Use a Trigger or Goal that adds the contact to the Campaign when the ‘product is purchased’

    Q: My order report in UltraCart doesn’t match up to the corresponding order report in ONTRAPORT. Why?

    This can happen for the following reasons:

    • Shipping and handling fields - UltraCart fields for shipping and handling do not carry over into ONTRAPORT. These charges could account for discrepancies in your order totals.
    • Deleting test orders - If you place test orders and later deleted them the stats will be off.
    • ONTRAPORT gets notice of full refunds from UltraCart, but partial refunds are not reflected.

    Important Facts

    • There are 2 sections in ONTRAPORT that handle purchase info: Purchase History and Transaction History. Payments and refunds that come through carts are passed via API into ONTRAPORT and stored in the Purchase History section.
    • Discounts, coupon codes and upgrades created in UltraCart are not reflected accurately in ONTRAPORT. Take the following into account should you decide to use them:
      • UltraCart does not consider these transactions as new product purchased and simply keeps the same 'open order' but changes the price. We recommend making sure UltraCart starts charging for a completely new product.
      • As long as you are using separate products in UltraCart and ONTRAPORT to acknowledge the different levels that are being purchased, you can activate Triggers or Goals in Campaigns on these purchases.
      • ONTRAPORT Partner Program commissions won't be calculated properly
      • Statistics in your membership site will not reflect the UltraCart purchases. The PilotPress plugin used for the integration pulls from the Transaction History of the database and not the Purchase History. The charges coming through UltraCart will not be logged or stored in the Customer Center of your WordPress website.
    • You can’t directly refund a customer from ONTRAPORT. Instead you’ll need to refund customers in UltraCart. Full refunds in UltraCart are communicated back to ONTRAPORT. However, partial refunds do not get communicated.
    • Declined credit card information from UltraCart is not communicated back to ONTRAPORT, and you cannot use the ONTRAPORT Recharge Settings to address them. Set up the decline notifications in UltraCart.
    • UltraCart integrates easily with Quickbooks and ONTRAPORT. This will allow ONTRAPORT to handle the communications for you for things like product delivery/thanks for purchasing, follow-up referral/testimonial communication, declined charges, etc.

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