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    Postcard Credits & Pricing

    Pricing explained

    Postcards typically aren't super cheap because they're printed on digital presses (not offset, which is cheaper but designed for high volumes) they're big (8.5" x 5.5") and they're mailed first class.


    ONTRAPORT postcards, however, are cheaper than the competition because print simply isn't how we make our money.  We consider print to be just one of many features that you pay for with your monthly subscription fees, so we do it at a very low margin. Basically, for any other company that does very short run print (i.e., one piece - we're only really aware of AmazingMail), charging for printing IS the business model and where they make all their profit.  That's why their prices are 50%+ higher.

    All postcards are delivered via USPS mail and most are delivered within 8-12 business days of them being ordered within your system. Postcards are only available for mailing to contacts with addresses in the United States.

    Pricing chart


    How to purchase postcard credits

    1. Go to Account


      1. Check your current postcard print credit amount here


    2. Click on (Purchase Credits)

    3. Type in the amount of credits you wish to purchase

    4. Click Purchase Credits



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