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    Sending Postcards



    So you want to send a postcard? In ONTRAPORT, there are several ways to do this, either via automation or manually. Automatic sends require prior setup (either in sequences or in global rules) while manual sends can be done on the fly to individual contacts or en masse. The postcard function in ONTRAPORT sends only to US based addresses, but you can also send to non-US addresses using our integration with Lob

    How to send postcards...


    As a postcard step in a sequence

    1. Create a new sequence

    2. Add a postcard step

    3. Select the postcard you wish to send

    4. Schedule the postcard

    Now, anyone who’s subscribed to that sequence, and for whom you have a valid mailing address, will receive the postcard five to eight days after that step is triggered (because of the printing and mailing time). This is the place for holiday promotion cards, appointment reminders, referral requests, and whatever you can dream up!

    As a global rule

    Create a rule that is set up to send a postcard to a contact in response to any number of triggers. Maybe they visited your pricing page for the second time or perhaps they’ve clicked a link, requesting more information about a certain product or service you offer. This allows you to catch certain behaviors or characteristics that your prospects exhibit, and respond to them with a perfectly timed postcard in their mailbox to get them while they’re still hot!


    One contact at a time

    1. Go to the Contacts collection and select the contact by clicking the box next to their name. 

    2. The Actions drawer will open. Click the Postcard icon.

      Single Contact Actions

    3. Select a stored postcard to send

    4. Click Send


    Multiple contacts at once (postcard blast)

    1. Go to the Contacts collection

    2. Select all contacts you want to receive the postcard

      Contact Actions select all in Group

    3. Click the Postcard icon.

    4. Select a stored postcard to send

    5. Click Send

    How to view or cancel a scheduled postcard send

    • To view a scheduled postcard send, open the Contacts menu > Settings > Pending Postcards.

    • To cancel a scheduled postcard send, select the send you wish to cancel, click on the Actions button and then click Cancel.


    Important Facts

    Postcards are sent using the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)e-link.png format, and will not be sent unless the Contact record has:

    • A valid first and last name

    • A valid street address

    • A valid city, state and zip code

    Place holders such as "Current Resident" for the name cannot be used. If any of the required address fields are blank our system will register the address as invalid and will not send the postcard.


    Postcards can be sent to US based addresses only. For non-US addresses, you can use an integration such as the one we detail in our article Integrating with Lob.


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    • Avatar
      Sam Foss

      Is this feature available for Australian adresses?


    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Unfortunately, we only have US-based address post card delivery at the current time. I have added that to the article because it certainly wasn't clear!

    • Avatar
      nils vesk

      It's a shame to not have the postcard service in Australia - makes us feel like we have missed out

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