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    Sending Postcards

    About Postcards in ONTRAPORT

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts. Limited to sending to US based addresses.

    ONTRAPORT postcards are customizable and personalized, full color 8.5in x 5.5in that can be sent via automation or manually (on they fly or en masse) to your contacts.

    Postcards are only sent to US-based addresses. The ability to create postcards is limited to US based ONTRAPORT accounts, but can be added to other accounts that want to market to US based addresses. Contact Support to have the option activated in your account.

    To learn how to create a postcard, see this article. Postcards must be created using the Firefox browser.

    Note: You must create the postcard design in our editor using the Firefox browser and cannot upload a PDF or other file with the design. Your designer can provide images for the postcard, in GIF, PNG, JPEG, and JPG formats that can be inserted using layers. The layers used for the back side must not overlap the reserved postage or address areas, so the designer should "slice" the images to fit.

    Send Postcards in a Campaign

    1. Create a Campaign or edit an existing one.
    2. Add a send a postcard action element to your Campaign map.

    3. Select the postcard you wish to send.

      Tip: For events, add Waits, Triggers or Goals to schedule postcards to send x days before a specific date (e.g. 10 days before your live event) or before a date relative to the contact record (e.g. birthday). See this article for more detailed information.

    Send Postcards Manually

    To one contact

    1. Go to the Contacts collection and find the contact record
    2. Select the contact by checking the box next to their name
    3. Select Postcard from the actions drawer and choose the postcard to send

    4. Click send

    To multiple contacts at once

    1. Go to the Contacts collection and find the contact record
    2. Select all contacts or an entire group of contacts
    3. Select Postcard from the actions drawer and choose the postcard to send
    4. Click send

    View or Cancel Scheduled Postcard Sends

    If you sent a postcard manually, you can view and cancel scheduled postcard sends.

    • To view a scheduled postcard send, go to Contacts > Settings > Pending Postcards
    • To cancel a scheduled postcard send, select the item you wish to cancel, click on the Action button, then click Cancel.

    Important Facts

    Postcards are sent using the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) format and will not be sent unless the Contact record has:

    • A valid first and last name
    • A valid street address
    • A valid city, state and zip code

    Place holders such as "current resident" for the name cannot be used. If any of the required fields are blank, our system will register the address as invalid and will not send the postcard.

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    • Avatar
      Sam Foss

      Is this feature available for Australian adresses?


    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Unfortunately, we only have US-based address post card delivery at the current time. I have added that to the article because it certainly wasn't clear!

    • Avatar
      Nils Vesk

      It's a shame to not have the postcard service in Australia - makes us feel like we have missed out