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    Creating Postcards




    Why Send Postcards?

    Postcards are an ideal media in several situations, but in the past have been difficult to use for anything but mass-mailing lead generation.  In the past, you had to pay your printer to make up 100s or thousands at a time, which is fine if you're mailing to a rented list of thousands...but not ideal at all if you want to just mail a few. This is why sending postcards via ONTRAPORT opens up all kinds of new possibilities for communicating with your prospects and customers. You can send them one at a time or automate them. As a marketer and business builder, postcards are a great tool because...

    • They're inexpensive
    • They're eye-catching and nearly always read - no envelope to open
    • They're not email (which we're all overwhelmed with)
    • You can reach a wider audience via a different media that your competition may be overlooking
    • There's no such thing as postcard spam filters!
    • Results are easily measurable
    • You can personalize them to each contact using merge fields
    • They are REAL, physical and tangible

    At the current time, Postcards can only be mailed to US addresses. They are big (8.5" x 5.5") and mailed first class.



    Note: You must create the postcard design in our editor using the Firefox browser and cannot upload a PDF or other file with the design. Your designer can provide images for the postcard, in GIF, PNG, JPEG, and JPG formats that can be inserted using layers. The layers used for the back side must not overlap the reserved postage or address areas, so the designer should "slice" the images to fit.


    Uses For Postcards

    How Do I Get Addresses From Contacts?

    Where Do I Create Postcards?

    Important Functions

    Adding and Sizing New Layers

    Working With Layers

    Proofing Your Postcard

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    • Avatar
      Dave Dean

      Do you have an arrangement to mail postcards here in the UK?

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Hi Dave,

      At the current time, we can mail postcards only to US-based addresses. I have updated the article to include that information.

    • Avatar
      Dave Dean

      Hi Frank, Would you be interested in partnering with us to mail them here the UK?

    • Avatar
      Admin Admin

      Hello Frank, 

      Is it possible to see a picture of what the postcard would look like? 


    • Avatar
      Renee Wade

      Are the post card service free? 

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Hi Renee - The pricing for the Postcards can be seen by clicking your email address at the top right of the account, then selecting "Account" and "Printing Credits":


      Currently, the minimum purchase is 10 printing credits. When you buy from 10 to 100 printing credits the price is .97 each. If you run out of credits, we automatically add more in groups of 10 at .97 to make sure your postcards are not delayed. 

      The lower prices, down to .67 per 5,000 credits, apply only when you purchase them (the discounts don't accumulate over multiple purchases). 

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