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    Split Testing Postcards


    Why split test postcards?

    Even subtle changes can have a profound impact on the response your marketing pieces get. So, in all your marketing, it’s a good idea to test and measure what you’re doing. The idea is to optimize your message and your systems over time to produce the best possible results. THIS is the true discipline of marketing and Split testing lies at the heart of this.

    Just changing a subject line or the background color can make a difference in your results. For instance, say you had created a postcard as part of a sequence. You had two discount offers you thought were good, but wanted to really KNOW which was the most effective at getting people to respond.

    How to set up postcard split testing

    You first need to create the landing pages to which you’re sending the postcard respondents. Since you’ll be making two different versions of the postcard, you’ll also need two versions of the landing page, although it's not necessary to alter the second version of the landing page in order to test the effectiveness of the postcard. You do this simply by creating a landing page, then ‘copying’ it using the copy function. Once you’ve renamed the copy of the landing page, change the hosting settings so that each landing page has a different URL, and be sure to save it. Note that this is different than creating a ‘B’ version of the Landing Page.


    Next, you would create alternate versions of the original postcard by using the copy postcard function.


    Then, you’d change the name of the ‘copy,’ to distinguish it from the original.


    The next thing you'll do is change whatever you wanted to test, and save it. Note that I’ve used the PURL for the original landing page on my original postcard, and the PURL for the copy of my landing page on an alternate of my postcard.  By doing this, you are then able to decipher, based on which of the two landing pages gets more traffic, which postcard was most effective at drawing visitors to your site.  Remember to save each one.


    Now, when you place the postcard into your sequence as a step, you’d use the original postcard as split test A and the alternate as split test B.  Be sure as you add new ones that you Add it to the rotation up at the top of the step creation window for a given step. Then, the various versions of that step will be distributed on a Round Robin basis to each of the contacts the step is going out to. If there are 1,000 people slated to get that step, and there are four different versions of the email you’re sending out (an a,b,c, and a d), then 250 contacts would get each.

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