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    Managing Email Delivery with 250ok

    About 250ok

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    We recently started integrating with a new service called 250ok. This is a service that allows senders to see how their messages are actually being delivered to various providers through seed tests.

    In this article we will be talking about what seed test is, what it is used for, and how to get setup with your own 250ok integration.

    What is 250ok?

    250ok is a seed test provider and reputation monitoring service. It is a piece of software to help senders know how they are getting delivered across the board, where their emails are landing, and when there are issues with deliverability to specific ISPs.

    What is a Seed Test?

    A seed test is an email that is sent to a list of tracked addresses to gauge deliverability to specific ISPs and the Internet at large. 250ok is a service that you can use to produce a seed list and run / interpret the results. Seed lists can range in size from hundreds to thousands of email addresses. The size of your seed list will depend on the makeup of your list and the seed test provider that you are using. 250ok’s seed lists usually end up being ~700 email addresses.

    How Can I Run a Seed Test?

    Running a seed test is as easy as including an extra list of contacts on a broadcast or emailing that same list in a stand alone broadcast. If you wish to get your hands on a 250ok seed list please read the rest of this article and follow the instructions to email us your account details under Signing up.

    Why Should I Care About This?

    If your business bases a large portion of its promotion or sales on email moving the needle on your inbox rates a few percentage points can result in large increases in the audience you reach and thus your bottom line income. 250ok is a tool built to help you find issues and move that needle.

    Seed tests can provide valuable insight on exactly how your emails are performing per ISP and how your list quality and content can affect your email delivery. This service can help you acquire specific information that could help you get top notch email deliverability.

    Information that you can get from Seed Tests can include:

    • What specific ISP's are delivering your email to the inbox
    • How your list quality affects the delivery of your email
    • Whether the content of your email affects the delivery of your email
    • How fast your email is being delivered


    ONTRAPORT charges for seed tests on a monthly basis (similar to emails). Seed tests are $10 per test per month and there is a 5 test per month minimum. These charges are recurring, so if you would like to change the number of tests you are allowed per month please contact

    Seedtest Billing Details

    • Seed tests are billed per month and are non refundable. If you do not use all of your allowed seed tests in a month they do not roll over and they will not be refunded.
    • Seed tests in 250ok refresh on the 1st of every month NOT YOUR ONTRAPORT BILLING DATE. Please be aware of this in your testing.
    • If you run too many tests in a month your future test results that month will not be viewable. The excess tests will show up in your 250ok child account, but the results will be lost.

    Signing up

    If you have decided that you would like to start using 250ok seed tests please send an email to with answers to the following questions and we will be happy to get you setup.


    1. What is your account number or login email?
    2. How many seed tests would you like to add?
    3. When would you like to have these seeds tests activated on your account?
    4. Do you understand that these seed tests are recurring subscriptions that will reset on the 1st of each month and that unused seed test credits are non-refundable?
    5. What is the best email address to contact you regarding this matter?

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