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    Projection Mode





    About Campaign Builder's Projection Mode

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    Projection Mode is activated by selecting the profile icon, then clicking Administration > ONTRAPORT Labs and selecting the toggle to turn the feature on.

    Turn on Projection Mode in Administration, ONTRAPORT Labs, Projection Mode

    Projection Mode uses your Campaign’s current stats to predict how changes will affect your overall Campaign.  Adjusting the number of Contacts or the conversion percentage on a particular Trigger, Goal, Wait, Condition or Split will instantly display a "what if" scenario, showing you the impact of that change on all the downstream elements.

    Note: ONTRAPORT Labs includes new features that add significant functionality but are not yet completely finished. When all of the functionality is added to Projection Mode it will move out of ONTRAPORT Labs and into the main application. Until that time, feel free to activate it and use the functionality that has been completed.

    • ONTRAPORT Pro or Team account
    Getting Started with Projection Mode

    In ONTRAPORT Pro or Team accounts activate Projection Mode by clicking on the profile icon and clicking Administration >> ONTRAPORT Labs >> Projection Mode. Slide the toggle to the ON position.

    Projection Mode is based on the current Contact Flow report shown in Performance Mode. The Contact Flow report is the default report when you open Performance Mode, and shows you how Contacts have moved through the map and where they are now.

    We recommend you familiarize yourself with Performance Mode Reports. You can apply filters like a particular lead source, return results for date ranges, or even select an individual Trigger in Performance Mode. When the Contact Flow report is set the way you want it, click the Projection Mode button and start adjusting the numbers or percentages on the following elements:

    • Triggers
    • Goals
    • Waits
    • Conditions
    • Splits

    All elements downstream of the edited element will adjust for the new "what if" scenario.

    Common "What If" Scenarios

    Selecting a single lead source: 

    1. Configure your Contact Flow Report to show only the Contacts coming in through your lead source by clicking the Tracking drop down at the top left (1), selecting the Lead sources you want to report on and clicking Done (2), and adjusting the Date Range (3). Click the Projection mode link (4) to display your report in the interactive format.

      Configure your Performance Mode Contact Flow report first, then click the Projection mode link

    2. The Contact Flow report will appear with the stats you can edit outlined in Triggers, Goals, Waits, Conditions and Splits. Click on a statistic to edit it. To restore the original value, click the X at the top right of the stat.

      Edit the value or percentage by typing in a new value; restore the original value by clicking the X above the edit box

    3. Splits and Conditions will have the editable stats displayed in a similar manner.

      Edit the stats in the paths below a Condition or Split element

    Elements after the value you edit will update to display what would happen based on the new value. In this case, if we double the Facebook Lead Ads budget, we should be able to double the number of contacts signing up in the Trigger shown in step 2. When we edit that number, the Goal for "Purchases Product" farther down in the campaign path will update accordingly. Will the number of sales make up for the additional spending?

    Trigger Performance to Goal

    Several Triggers may lead to a single Goal. The Goal will have a conversion percentage for all of the Triggers as shown in this image:

    Several Triggers leading to a single Goal

    Projection Mode allows editing one or more of the Trigger values to see how the downstream elements would be affected. This can quickly reveal the highest converting Trigger in the Campaign.

    Statistical Accuracy in Projection Mode

    Sample size will have a huge impact on the accuracy of any projections. Projection Mode simply uses the existing stats in your Campaign to provide an estimate of the impact of the change you enter. The larger the number of Contacts on the Campaign Map the better the estimate becomes. In statistics, this is called the "confidence interval". A Campaign with 100 contacts per branch in the Campaign will have less accurate results than one with 500 in each downstream branch. Keep this in mind when looking at the results.






    Disclaimer: As with any statistical forecast, the results should be evaluated and considered only as a part of your decision making process. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results, and we make no representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of the content or about the results to be obtained from using Projection Mode. 

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