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    Publishing Your ONTRApage

    Publishing Your ONTRApage

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    Make sure you have completed configuring the Settings before publishing the page. Then, click the Publish button. You can choose to host the ONTRApage for free on any of our domains, or use your own domain if you have ONTRApages Premium or any ONTRAPORT account.

    Use ONTRAPORT's Domains

    Choose any of our domains to host the ONTRApage.


    1. Type in your desired subdomain. As long as it is not already taken you can use it for your ONTRApages. Brand the page by using your company name or other identifier here. The subdomain you select will be reserved for use by your account only.

      domain not available

    2. Effective mid 2018, all ONTRAPORT domains will be hosted with a SSL certificate using the HTTPS protocol for compatibility with all browsers. Existing pages published before that time will have SSL certificates added automatically.

    Use Any WordPress Site with the ONTRApages Plugin

    Use the ONTRApages Plugin for WordPress to display your ONTRApages on any WordPress site. This requires an API Key, available in ONTRApages Premium, ONTRAPORT Basic, Pro and Team accounts. It is not available to ONTRApages Free accounts.

    Note: Opt in and order forms must be published on a domain page with SSL (HTTPS) in order to display. As of March 27, 2018, order forms on non-HTTPS pages will not display and will instead have a placeholder image. Contact your web host to add a SSL certificate to your site.

    Leave the page unhosted inside of ONTRAPORT or ONTRApages Premium if you intend to host it using the ONTRApages Plugin.

    1. In your WordPress Admin section, click Plugins then Add New. Search for the ONTRApages plugin and install it.
    2. For ONTRAPORT Basic, Pro and Team accounts, follwing these steps to obtain your API Key and APP ID:
      1. In ONTRAPORT, click your email address at the top right and select Administration.
      2. Navigate to Administration > Integrations > ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager


        Integrations section with API Key Manager

      3. Click the New API Key button

        API key menu

      4. Name the API Key. Select the Contact Owner and check all Permissions. Click Save.

        API Key configuration

      5. Copy the App ID and API Key to a text file for use in configuring the ONTRApages plugin.

        API Key Listing

    3. For ONTRApages Premium accounts, follwing these steps to obtain your API Key and APP ID:
      1. Click the Profile icon at the top right of your account and then My Account Information.

        locate API key in ONTRApages Premium

      2. Click the Generate Key link under WordPress Plug-in. Copy the APP ID and APP Key numbers for use in configuring the WordPress plugin.

        Generate API Key

    4. In WordPress Administration, select the ONTRApages menu item, then Settings. Paste the App ID and API Key into the fields provided and click Save.

      Configure WordPress

    5. To add an ONTRApages page from your ONTRAPORT account, click on the Add New link in the ONTRApages menu item.

    Note: If you are asked to provide details about how you are going to use the API credentials your new Contacts will be set to "Pending" status until we approve your use of the API. You will not be able to use bulk email to the Contacts until our team approves your application. Allow two to three business days for approval.

    Use Your Own Domain

    If you have configured a domain name using one of the methods below you can simply type in the domain name (ONTRAPORT and ONTRApages Premium only):

    publish on own domain name

    WARNING: Do not change your name servers or A record on an existing domain that already has a website on it, or a domain name that you are already using for email or any other purpose. ALL DATA ON THE WEBSITE OR EMAIL ACCOUNT WILL DISAPPEAR PERMANENTLY.

    Recommended Method: Buy a new domain and set the name servers to and when you register the domain name. ONTRAPORT will host the domain for you and apply a SSL certificate to all the pages you host on that domain.

    • All existing content on your domain will disappear!
    • You cannot host other content on that domain!
    • You can use third party email services to have email addresses for the domain. For example, you can buy an email service such as GSuite / Google Apps, and enter the "MX records" they provide into the My Account page.
    • You cannot add other zone file records such as TXT, CNAME, etc. yourself. Contact Support to add other records.

    Not Recommended:

    These methods are presented here for completeness, but are no longer recommended. ONTRAPORT cannot add a SSL certificate to pages hosted using these methods and modern browsers may block access to the pages in the near future. We strongly encourage you to use our name server method above.

    Not Secure - A Record Method (not recommended): Buy a new domain and change the domain's A record to point to Note that a SSL certificate cannot be added using this method, and modern browsers may block your ONTRApage from displaying.

    • All existing content on your domain will disappear!
    • You cannot host other content on that domain!
    • You may use third party email services to have email addresses for the domain. Check with your domain registrar to see if you can use their control panel to add email addresses and specify a mail provider using MX records. (You cannot use the Custom MX Records section in the My Account page when using an A record).
    • You may be able to add other zone file records (check with your domain registrar).

    Not Secure - Wildcard A Record Method (not recommended): Hire an experienced developer to create a wildcard DNS record and point it to This is a complex solution that does not allow for a SSL certificate to be added to the hosted page. Browsers may block access to your page and warn it is "not secure".

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