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    Legacy ONTRApages Facebook Comments Block

    About the Facebook Comments Block

    Note: This article covers our legacy ONTRApages builder. For details on our newest Page builder, see this article.


    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    The ONTRApages Facebook Comments block requires a Facebook App to allow your customers to make comments on your ONTRApage using their Facebook credentials. They can optionally post their comments to their own newsfeed, creating some social media buzz for your page.

    Note: Facebook routinely "split tests" their pages so the images and descriptions shown here may not match your version of Facebook. Search for the content we describe to find the location of the feature on the Facebook page.





    Create and Publish the ONTRApage First

    Create the ONTRApage first. You do not need to add the Facebook Comments block to the page at this time, but you must Publish the page. Copy the published URL to a text file for use in Facebook later.

    Create a Facebook App

    Follow these instructions step by step. Do not fill in any other fields, submit the app for approval, etc. Because this is a complex process, you may want to enlist the help of an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant to complete this step.

    1. Log into your Facebook account. 
    2. In the URL, replace the "" with "" and press enter.

      Facebook developers URL
    3. Click the My Apps drop down at the top right and select Add a New App. Note, the My Apps drop down is next to your profile image, and may appear at the top left instead of the top right. Facebook split tests their pages frequently and we cannot determine which version you will actually see.

      add a new app
    4. Click the icon with WWW in the pop up. This is usually found on the right after the three icons for "iOS", "Android" and "Facebook Canvas". The order may be different in your account.

      select www for type of app
    5. The "Quick Start for Website" dialog box will pop up.
    6. Click the Skip and Create App ID button. It is usually found at the top right, but the look and location may be different in your account.

      skip and create app id
    7. Enter a name for your new Facebook app. Facebook does not allow you to use the word "Facebook" in the name, so let's use "ONTRApages Comment Block" for now.
    8. Leave the optional "Namespace" field blank.
    9. Leave the "Is this a test version of another app?" setting at the default of No
    10. Select Business in the drop down for "Choose a Category".

      create the app id
    11. Click Create App ID in the bottom right or left corner. It may also be located at the top right of this dialog box.
    12. On the next screen search for the Dashboard menu item and click it. It usually appears at the top left, but the column may appear on the right. It can have either a light or dark colored background.

      comments dashboard
    13. Copy the App ID number in the Dashboard to a text file for use later in ONTRApages.
    14. Click the Settings menu item. It should be located under "Dashboard" in the column on the left or right.
    15. Click the + Add Platform button at the bottom of the pop up and click on the Website icon.

      add platform dialog box
    16. Paste the URL used to publish your ONTRApage into the Site URL field and click the Save Changes button at the bottom right.

      site URL for Facebook comments
    17. Click the App Review menu item in the left or right column. At the top of the page that loads you should see the "Make ONTRApages Comment Block public?" dialog (this will use the name of your app set in step 7). Click on the "No" icon, confirm that you want the app to be available to the public, and the No icon should now read "Yes":

      make comments public
    18. You are now finished with the configuration. Do not fill in any other fields, submit the app for Facebook approval, etc. In most versions of the developer site you can simply log out by clicking your profile image at the top right (or top left) and selecting "Log Out".
    Configure the Facebook Comments Block

    The only information you need from the Facebook app is the App ID number obtained in step 13 above. Open the ONTRApage for editing and add the Facebook Comments block. Click the block name in the palette to enable editing of the configuration items.

    1. Paste the App ID into the text block provided for it.
    2. Paste the published URL of the ONTRApage into the URL field.
    3. Select the number of posts, and whether you want the text color to be light or dark, and click Save.

      configure the ONTRApages comment block

    4. Click Save at the upper right to save your changes to the ONTRApage. Visit the URL to see and test the Facebook Comments functionality.

    Q. Where can I find out more about other Facebook integrations or features?

    A. See our ONTRAPORT Q & A  site!

    Q. When someone comments using Facebook on my ONTRApage does it add their contact information to my Contacts database?

    A. No, they are not added to ONTRAPORT automatically. This block simply allows people to comment on your page and optionally include their comments on their own Facebook feed or wall.








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