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    Legacy ONTRApages

    About ONTRApages

    Note: This article covers our legacy ONTRApage builder. For details on our newest Page builder, see this article.

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    ONTRApages are beautiful, responsive Landing Pages you can create either from scratch or using an impressive library of professionally designed templates. The easy to use ONTRApages interface features an innovative click-to-select editor in which you stack and customize pre-built Blocks of content. You can rename and reuse Blocks you have customized over and over again.

    ONTRApages are available in ONTRApages Free, ONTRApages Premium, and ONTRAPORT Basic, Plus, Pro and Enterprise accounts. Some features on this page are available only to certain accounts, as noted in parenthesis after the feature name.

    Quick Start


    Introduction to the Pages Collection

    The Pages Collection lists all the pages created in your account. Just like the Contacts Collection, you can click the item to open it for editing, select one or more items for Actions that appear in the Action Bar, create Groups and apply Group Actions to all items selected in the Group.

    The Group Quick Selection Icon is positioned on the left in all Collections and allows you to quickly select all items in the Group, all the items on the page, or to deselect all the selected items with one click.

    Group quick selection icon

    Along the top is the Group Dropdown, where you can create a new Group or select one you have previously created. The Edit Group button allows you to edit the criteria for the selected Group. The Actions button will show the actions available for the selected items, with the Action Bar showing at the top of the screen. Note that Actions that cannot be taken because no item is selected, or because the action is not available for that item, are presented in a lighter, faded color. The New Landing Pagebutton will allow you to create a new Landing Page.

    the Group dropdown, edit Group, Actions and New buttons

    At the right top are three more tools for the Collection. You can search for data in any of the columns displayed in columns in the Collection, click the Pin icon to add the Collection page to the Pinned Items page, and add columns to the Collection listing.

    add column, pin page and search icons are at the top right

    The Pinned Items page is accessed by clicking the Pin Icon in the main navigation bar when it is visible. The page will show all the pinned items, allowing you to jump to that page with one click.

    the pinned items appear in the page, allowing one-click access to any page in ONTRAPORT

    The Add Column button displays all the available columns allowing you to select what to show in the Collection. Here are some of the columns available and what they are:

    Pages Collection

    • Name (what you named the page)
    • Domain (where the page is hosted)
    • Visits (unique visits to the page)
    • Type (Legacy Landing Page, Legacy Code Mode Page, ONTRApage, etc.)
    • Conversions (number of unique visitors that submitted an opt in or order form)
    • Date Created (added Nov. 7, 2017; will show a date if the page was created after that date)
    • Date Modified (added Nov. 7, 2017; will show a date if the page was modified after that date)

      the Pages collection fields

    Other Features of the Collection

    Most columns allow sorting by clicking on the column name.

    You can resize the width of the columns by hovering over the far right side of the existing column and dragging the <> indicator.

    change width of the column

    To select a new field for the column, hover over the column name and click the pencil "edit" icon. You can select a new field, delete the column entirely, or move the column by clicking and dragging on the move icon.

    move icon to rearrange the columns

    URLs listed in the columns with the external link icon will open in a new window or tab when clicked.

    the external link icon

    At the bottom of the collection you can decide how many records per page should be displayed, along with navigation controls to page through the records.

    pagination controls on the collection

    Getting Started - ONTRAPORT Accounts

    Select the Pages navigation item. Click the New Landing Page button.

    new landing page button

    1. Select ONTRApages

      ONTRApages icon
    2. The Page Templates categories are shown in the Palette (the left side column) and the available templates are shown on the Canvas. Select a category of page template to narrow the choices shown on the Canvas.
    3. See the section Adding and Using Blocks below to add new content sections (Blocks) to the page, and the separate article Edit Colors, Fonts and Page Width to customize the page design.
    4. Templates and blocks reserved for ONTRAPORT Pro and higher accounts have an ONTRAPORT PRO banner. These include blocks for features not available in ONTRAPORT Basic accounts, such as Order Form blocks, Upsell Form blocks, etc.

      ONTRAPORT Pro and above only banner

    Adding and Using Blocks

    1. Templates are composed of Blocks, horizontal slices of the page you can rearrange or replace to perfect your design.
    2. Changes are made in the ONTRApages editor in true visual mode, showing you the new content immediately. The Palette is on the left and the Canvas is on the right. Editing Blocks can take place in either the Palette or the Canvas.

      palette and canvas in ONTRApages
    3. Each Block can have several different layouts to choose from. Hover over the Block and click the Prev or Next icons to display the different layouts.

      Cycling Through Blocks
    4. The three icons in the top right allow you to edit the style of the Block (pencil icon), create a copy of the Block on the same page (plus sign) or remove the Block from the page (trash can icon).
    5. Click the + Add Block icon to add a new Block above or below the Block. The Palette will list the Block categories.
    6. Select a Block Category in the Palette to narrow the choices by type of Block.

    Share or Sell Your ONTRApages Templates

    You can share or sell your ONTRAmail template in the ONTRAPORT Marketplace by listing it publically or providing a link to it. See our ONTRAPORT Marketplace article for more details.

    Next Steps

    Learn how to edit ONTRApage properties and edit the content of ONTRApages Blocks.

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