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    Legacy ONTRApages Slideshow and Countdown Timer Blocks

    About Slideshow and Countdown Timer Blocks

    Note: This article covers our legacy ONTRApages builder. For details on our newest Page builder, see this article.

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    Slideshow and Countdown Timer blocks provide design variation and a sense of urgency to your pages. Use the slideshow feature to show multiple variations of the product or service you offer, and the countdown timer block to produce a limited time offer.

    Slideshow Blocks

    The palette lists each slide and the overall Settings for the slide show. The Settings control automatic sliding, duration, transition effects, direction of the slide movement, image overlay effects, the arrow style for manual sliding and position of the text and/or buttons on the slide.


    Countdown Timer Blocks

    Countdown timer blocks on ONTRApages are configured to count down to a specific date and time in the future. When the date and time have passed, the form will redirect the visitor to a new URL of your choosing.

    Configure the countdown timer block

    1. Select Add Block and select the Countdown block type in the Palette menu
    2. Select the countdown timer block you want to include on your form
    3. Edit the Countdown Timer block. In the Palette you can choose the date, time and redirect URL.

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