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    Q. How do I become an Partner?

    A. Thanks for your interest! Please sign up to be an ONTRAPORT Partner here.

    Q. When do you pay your Partners?

    A. We make Partner commission payments each Friday. Your eligible commissions must have accrued at least $100 and you must have a valid PayPal email address on file.

    Q.: What if I only have $80 in commission? Do I lose it?

    A. We allow the commission to accrue for up to six months until you have the $100 minimum.

    Q. When are my sales eligible for commission?

    A. Sales are eligible for payment after the account has passed the 90 day refund period. After that date, you will receive commission accrued commission for that account.

    Q. I referred someone to you. How do confirm that I’m receiving credit for them?

    A. Please log into your Partner center to see this information. Log in at and click the log in link at the top right.

    Q. I referred someone to you and they’re not showing up in my Partner center. Please add them.

    A. Please fill out the affiliate Contact Us form and provide us with your friend's name and/or email address that they signed up with so that our team can do some research.

    Q. I have over $100 in commission owed to me and have not been paid.

    A. Do we have a valid PayPal address from you? We send out affiliate payments via PayPal. You can log into the Partner Portal and re-enter a valid PayPal email address. In addition, the sale must qualify for commission (see "When are my sales eligible for commission?" above).

    Q. Why do I have an Partner link in my account but no access to the the Partner center?

    A. If you’d like to be able to see your Partner center, please visit this page and sign up with the same email address as the account you gathered the affiliate link from (whatever email you use to log into your ONTRAPORT account). Doing this will grant you access to the Partner portal. Be on the lookout for an email in your inbox with your username and password.

    Q. I referred someone but I don’t see their commission for this month.

    A. Commissions show up in your affiliate center after the billing date for the customer when payment is collected from them. It may be that the most recent charge went in to collections. If you know the name and email address of the person you referred, please let us know and we’d be happy to do a bit of research for you.

    Q. How much do you pay in commissions?

    A. We pay 25% of monthly recurring subscription fees. We do not provide commissions on email overages, contact overages, SMS or print credits purchased. Your commissions generate as long as the client has an open account with us and is current on their subscription payment.

    Q. What is the heart icon for in my navigation?

    A. Our "Share the Love" program was created so you can easily share ONTRAPORT with others and earn 25% recurring monthly commission on the lifetime of each ONTRAPORT account you refer. You can share via email, link or social channels.

    To ensure you receive your commissions, sign up for our Partner program. Use the same administrator email you use to log into your ONTRAPORT account with. For US based clients, or clients who pay US income tax, please provide us with a signed W-9. If not supplying a W-9 form, please complete our "International" (non-US) questions. After approval of these required items you'll be all set to begin earning.

    For more information on our Partner program, visit this page.

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