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    Merge Fields

    What is a Merge Field?

    A Merge Field is a placeholder that, when inserted into ONTRAPORT Messages and Landing Pages, merges variable data pulled from the fields of your Contact Records. Merge Fields allow for personalization of your Messages in that you can include a Merge Field for [First Name] in one email, send it to 10 different contacts, and have the field populate with each contact's respective first name when they receive that email. So if you send the same email containing the 'First Name' Merge Field to both Vanessa and Kevin, Kevin's email will say "Hi Kevin" while Vanessa's will read "Hi Vanessa."

    Merge Fields are found in a dropdown menu in the Message Editor and Landing Page Editor. For the most part, Merge Fields appear in the editor as the name of the Field you’re merging surrounded by brackets. When you select the First Name field, it’ll appear in your content as [First Name] and so on. Below you'll see what the Merge Fields look like in the ONTRAPORT Message Editor and then what those same Merge Fields look like when received by someone in an email.


    What it Looks Like

    merge fields

    What are Default Merge Fields?

    The values you set as Default Merge Fields will merge into Messages and Landing Pages when a particular field value in a Contact Record is blank. This comes in handy when you don't have values for all your contacts for all the Merge Fields you're using in your Messages and Landing Pages.

    All default Merge Fields are blank until you customize them. This means that if you send someone an email with a Merge Field that isn’t yet populated in their Contact Record, instead of inserting any data, that field will show up blank in the email they receive. And nothing looks worse than an email with blank spaces where personalized info should be.

    How to Set Default Merge Fields
    1. Go to Contacts > Settings > Default Merge Fields 

      default merge fields

    2. Type a default value into the fields of your choice
    3. Save


    Say you have a contact’s email address but not their first name stored in their Contact Record. Were you to send them an email from your account containing the [First Name] Merge Field (which would normally populate with the first name from that contact’s record unless that field is blank), you could set up a default Merge Field to have that field populate with something like ‘Friend’ so that their email will read something like ‘Hi Friend’ instead of 'Hi _________.'





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