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    Pointing DNS Name Servers


    • Any ONTRAPORT account.
    • A domain that you own that is not associated with an existing website

    What is a DNS Name Server?

    A DNS name server tells your web browser where a particular domain name is hosted on the Internet. Without the name servers you would have to remember a long, complex string of characters and numbers that identify the individual computer server that has the website. 

    Why do I want to point my domain's DNS to ONTRAPORT?

    If you own your own domain, pointing your DNS to ONTRAPORT will tell browsers to look on ONTRAPORT's servers to find your content. This lets you brand your content with your own domain name and avoids having to purchase separate hosting accounts. You can use this with:

    • WordPress hosting

    • Custom subdomain

    • ONTRApages and Legacy Landing Pages

    Pros and cons of pointing your DNS to ONTRAPORT


    • You only need to buy a domain name

    • You can host as many sites with ONTRAPORT as you’d like

    • It’s super easy


    • No FTP access

    • No file browsing access

    • Email for that domain is a bit more complicated to set up. You can purchase email service through a third party such as G Suite or Rackspace Email, obtain the necessary "MX Record" values and submit a ticket for ONTRAPORT to add those MX Records to our server. Our Email Delivery department will then add the MX Records.

      Depending on work load this separate process can take 1 to 2 business days. Note that the change to your name servers, made at your domain registrar, will have to propagate to our servers before we can add the MX records. While this process is usually very fast, it can take up to 2 days for the domain to appear on our server, and this delay is out of our control. We recommend you allow plenty of time for set up and testing before publicizing the new domain's email addresses.

    Pointing your DNS Name Servers to ONTRAPORT

    Different domain registrars have different menus and prompts, and the process is basically the same. We'll use GoDaddy, a popular domain registrar as our example. If you're using another registrar, consult their documentation or ask their support desk. 


    How to point your DNS to ONTRAPORT in GoDaddy

    1. Go to

    2. Purchase the domain of your choice

    3. Go to My Account>Domains

    4. Click Launchnext to the domain you purchased

    5. Click on Nameservers>Set Nameservers

    6. Set the nameservers to and

    Note: Do not use the above method if you have existing content on your domain, as changing the name servers will cause your current content to disappear.

    For additional information, visit this page.

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