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    Split Testing a Landing Page

    About Split Testing Landing Pages

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    Split testing a Landing Page tests a page's conversion rate. ONTRAPORT automatically splits the number of visitors to the pages equally, and cookies the Contact so that they always see that same page if they come back later. You can create up to 4 different versions of the page. When you see one version is beating out the others, you can stop the split test and send all the traffic to the winning design. In an ONTRAPORT Campaign, the "Visits Landing Page" Trigger or Goal uses the total visits to all the versions.





    How to Split Test an ONTRApages Landing Page
    1. Create your first version of the landing page. Click the Split Test toggle from Off to On

      Split test toggle is off
    2. The page you start with is automatically assigned to version A in the split test. You can click the plus sign next to it to add another page.

      Split text toggle is on and you can add a new page
    3. You can select to create a copy of the current page and then edit it, or create an entirely new page. The first additional page you add is automatically page B in the split test.
    4. You can add version C and D by repeating steps 2 and 3. ONTRAPORT evenly divides the page visits between each version.
    5. To select a version in the editor, select the down arrow next to the version letter and select from the drop down box.

      Select the version to edit
    6. To view the statistics for the split test after the pages have attracted opt ins click the Stats tab. In this example we see that version A has the lowest conversion rate of the four, at 20%.

      Split testing stats page
    7. To remove version A from the test, and continue using versions B, C and D, return to the Design tab. Select version A from the drop down and hover over the trash can icon at the top right. It expands to say Remove Split Test. Clicking this link will permanently delete version A from the split test.

      Delete version A from the split test
    8. To end the split test, delete all the unwanted versions. Or, slide the Split Test toggle to Off. When the Split Test toggle is set to Off, ONTRAPORT will serve the lowest letter page for all page visits. In this example, where version A has been deleted, ONTRAPORT will serve version B, and version C and D are ignored. Setting the Split Test toggle back to On will result in versions C and D once again being in rotation and served one third of the time.

    Note: ONTRAPORT cookies the browser with the version it has visited. On return visits, the browser will always see the same version of the page. To test the split test function, delete all cookies between each visit to the page.

    How to Split Test a Legacy Landing Page
    1. Open a new or existing Legacy Landing Page in Sites > Landing Pages
    2. Click + New Version in the toolbar.
    3. Select Start with a blank page, or start with a copy (“Version A” in the image)

      Add new version
    4. Toggle between the Split Testing Legacy Landing Pages by clicking on Version A or Version B at the upper right of the editing screen.
    5. To remove a version from the Split Test, click the minus sign next to the version. ONTRAPORT will continue to serve the pages still in rotation.

      Remove a version by clicking the minus sign next to it's name
    6. To view the results of your Legacy Landing Page split test click the Stats tab. If needed, click on the name of the page to expand the split test stats.

      show split test stats by clicking on the page name





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    • Avatar
      Sohyung Lim

      How do you compare the results of the two different versions?

    • Avatar
      Dov Gordon

      @Sohyung Lim, you go into the landing page, and click on 'stats' tab. Then click the name of the landing page and under it a screen expands with the results.

    • Avatar
      David Colom

      Hello ! How can you disable a specific version (I created 4 versions and I can disable the A version but not the others...)?

    • Avatar

      Why can't I find a Stats tab?

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      When you open the page for editing in either ONTRApages or Legacy Landing Pages, the Stats tab appears along the top: 


      Edited by Frank Hagan
    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      To remove a version of the split test page in ONTRApages, load the version you do not want and click the trash can icon in the top right: 


      In Legacy Landing Pages you click the minus sign next to the version you want to delete:

      Edited by Frank Hagan