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    Integrating with 1Shopping Cart

    About 1Shopping Cart

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    This integration enables 1Shopping Cart purchase data and product information to be pushed through to ONTRAPORT. You can choose either the Recommended API Integration with 1ShoppingCart or the Alternate Tracking Partner Sales Integration if you must have partner program tracking of your sales. You cannot have both methods active at the same time.

    Recommended API Integration with 1ShoppingCart

    Note: You cannot track Partner Program sales using this method. If you are tracking Partner Program sales use the Alternate Tracking Parter Sales Integration below instead.

    1. Log into ONTRAPORT
    2. Go to Administration > Integrations > 1ShoppingCart Syncing

      1Shopping Cart Syncing location in Administration
    3. Open a new tab in your internet browser
    4. Log in to your 1ShoppingCart account
    5. Go to the My Account tab > API > API Settings

    6. Copy Your Current Merchant API Key to the clipboard

    7. In ONTRAPORT, paste the Merchant API Key into Merchant API Key field
    8. Back in 1SC, click your profile Icon and copy your Merchant ID to the clipboard
    9. In ONTRAPORT, paste the Merchant ID into the Merchant ID field

    10. Copy the notification URL from ONTRAPORT (found in step 4 of the API instructions) to the clipboard
    11. Back in 1SC, paste the notification URL into the Notification URL field

    Alternate Tracking Partner Sales Integration

    Tracking Partner sales can be difficult in 1Shopping Cart. Normally this is done by inserting the partner tracking pixel on the thank you page. However, 1Shopping Cart does not allow tracking pixels or PHP code on the default thank you page. For this reason, a custom thank you page must be created with the partner tracking pixel.

    Note: This process must be used in place of the API integration above. If both the API integration above and this partner tracking method is used the transactions will be double booked in ONTRAPORT.

    Editing Your Existing Custom Thank You Page

    If you are already using your own custom thank you page, simply add the PHP code in the attached file 1sc-partner-pixel.txt to the top of the page. Here is an image with the PHP code:

    You must replace the text <<< YOURSUBDOMAIN >>> with your ONTRAPORT subdomain.

    Quick tip: You can find your subdomain by clicking the profile icon at the top right of your ONTRAPORT account, selecting Administration and then the Developer Preferences and Resources tab. Click the Get Partner Tracking Pixel link to see the default tracking pixel code with our subdomain.

    Creating a Custom Thank You Page

    If you are using the default 1Shopping Cart thank you page, you must create your own thank you page to track Partner sales. The Partner tracking pixel code in the attached file 1sc-partner-pixel.txt must be edited with your subdomain and included at the top of the page to add the partner information to the contact record.

    Quick tip: For other post-transaction variables to display on the thank you page refer to the 1Shopping Cart User Guide in the Table of Contents > The Main Menu > Setup > Third Party Integrations section under the Available Post-Transaction Variables heading.

    After creating your custom thank you page and hosting it, follow these steps:

    1. Make sure to add the Products to ONTRAPORT exactly as they appear in 1Shopping Cart (including price)
    2. Copy and paste the URL to the custom thank you page into the Thank You URL item on the Edit Product > Links tab

    3. Generate the shopping cart URL for the product and copy it to the clipboard

    4. In ONTRAPORT, create a Promo Tool using the shopping cart URL
    5. To test the partner tracking pixel, send the promo tool to a test Partner account and use it to purchase the product. Use new contact information to ensure 1Shopping Cart creates the new contact record and populates the first and last referrer fields in the contact record.

    Important Facts

    • When you set up a product in 1ShoppingCart make sure to use no colons, forward slashes, backslashes, or product prices within your product title. Including any of these can break the integration
    • After your product is created in 1ShoppingCart run a test transaction. This will create the product in ONTRAPORT. You can then create Triggers in Campaigns based on the product purchase to set off the automation.
    • The purchaser’s email address on the receipt must match the one you have listed for them in your ONTRAPORT account or the system will create a new Contact Record.

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