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    Setting Up the Dummy Gateway

    What is the Dummy Gateway?

    The Dummy Gateway allows you to make test purchases of your products without making an actual transaction through a payment gateway. This allows you to simulate successful and failed credit card transactions. You can test the functionality of the order form, product delivery sequences, declined card sequences, etc.

    How to set up the Dummy Gateway

    1. Go to Sales in the Navigation menu > Settings > Gateways.

    2. Click the New Gateway button.

    3. Select Dummy Gateway under Select a Gateway Type.

    4. Name your dummy gateway for your internal use. The gateway name is not shown to your customers.

    5. Click Save

    How to use your Dummy Gateway

    Once you’ve created a product, an order form, and a dummy gateway, you’re able to add a dummy gateway to an order form and make test purchases.

    Add a dummy gateway to your order form

    1. Edit an existing order form in Contacts > Smart Forms

    2. Click on the “Payment Method” section under “Enter Your Billing Information” to reveal the field settings for payment

    3. Click + Add payment method

    4. Select your dummy gateway from the dropdown menu


    5. Save the order form

    Make a test purchase using your dummy gateway

    To make a test purchase using your dummy gateway, first you must post your order form. We recommend posting your order form on a hosted landing page temporarily for testing purposes.

    To simulate a successful credit card transaction fill out your order form with the credit card number 4111 1111 1111 1111 (that’s a 4 with fifteen 1s after it). Then, enter any value for the expiration date and ccv number and submit the form.

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      Sumaya Sterling O'Grady

      Thanks! Totally enjoying this program

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      Why do you have "Test Mode" on the other accounts if you have to make a dummy account?

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