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    Integrating with


    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    The Payment Gateway provides fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data between websites and the payment networks. works with almost all merchant account providers, and ONTRAPORT can process all types of orders through (single orders, subscriptions, payment plans and trial periods) without any additional features required. can also process transactions in non-US currencies.

    How to integrate

    1. Get the API Login ID from
    2. Log into the Merchant Interface at Click the Home tab near the top of your screen.
    3. Click Settings under Account in the main menu on the left
    4. Click API Credentials & Keys in the Security Settings section

      Authorize API Credentials and Keys
    5. Your API Login ID is displayed on the page if one has been generated already. If not, enter the Secret Answer to the Secret Question for your user account. The API Login ID and the Transaction Key (see below) will then be generated.
    6. Copy this API Login ID

    Note: The API Login ID is sensitive account information and should only be shared on a need-to-know basis, for example with your Web developer for the purposes of integration with the payment gateway.

    Card Code Verification (CVC / CVV Handling) and Address Verification Service (AVS)

    ONTRAPORT allows you to verify the first use of the card using the three or four digit CVV or CVC code on the card. However, because PCI regulations prohibit storing this value you must edit the Enhanced Card Code Verification (CCV) Handling Filter settings in Unless you complete this step you cannot use payment plans, subscriptions, upsell offers or free trial periods in ONTRAPORT.

    You can use the Address Verification Service, but we don't recommend it. The chance of transactions failing with AVS turned on is much higher.

    1. Return to the Home > Settings menu and click the Card Code Verification link.

      Authorize's card code verification link
    2. Click the Enable Filter checkbox if you wish to have the CCV code verified on the initial purchase when the customer first enters their credit card number. You can also choose to uncheck this box and click Save at the bottom. If checked, continue with the steps below.
    3. In the table at the bottom select the radio button under "Decline" for Card Code Value "N", "Does NOT Match". This allows ONTRAPORT to check the CCV number entered by your customer on an order form.
    4. Click the radio buttons under "Allow" for the next three items. These allow subsequent payments to be made without your customer re-entering their card information.

      Settings for the Enhanced Card Code Verification filter
    5. Recommended: Return to the Home > Settings menu and click the Address Verification Service link.

      address verification link
    6. Recommended: Uncheck the Enable Filter checkbox at the top.

      address verification checkbox should be unchecked

      ONTRAPORT does send the billing address with each transaction, but a higher false rejection rate is experienced when this feature is enabled. We recommend you leave this unchecked.
    7. These settings will allow ONTRAPORT to initially check the card CVV code input by your customer but allow subsequent charges for a payment plan or subscription without the customer having to fill in another order form.

    Transaction Key from

    The Transaction Key is a 16-character alphanumeric value that is randomly generated in the Merchant Interface and is used as an additional layer of authentication when submitting transaction requests from your website. You can generate a Transaction Key for your account in the Merchant Interface:

    1. Log into the Merchant Interface at and click the Home tab near the top of your screen.
    2. Click Settings under Account in the main menu on the left
    3. Click API Login ID and Transaction Key in the Security Settings section (click here if this setting is not available)
    4. Enter the Secret Answer to the Secret Question for your user account
    5. Click Submit
    6. The Transaction Key is provided on a confirmation page.
    7. Copy this Transaction Key

    Connect to ONTRAPORT

    1. Click Sales in the Navigation menu and select Settings
    2. Click GATEWAYS

    3. Click on the New Gateway button

    4. In the Select a Gateway Type drop down box select

    5. Enter the following information:
      1. Name: Enter a name for the gateway (just for your own reference) such as
      2. x_login: Enter your API Login ID that you copied from
      3. x_tran_key: Enter your Transaction Key that you copied from

    6. Click Save.

    Currency Options

    ONTRAPORT is set to US Dollars (USD) by default and displays the $ sign. To enable your order forms, invoices, and sales reports to display another currency symbol, or to add the currency code (USD, AUD, EUR, etc.) to appear before or after the amount follow these instructions.

    Note that is not affected by the setting in ONTRAPORT. If you want to bill in a different currency you must configure that currency in first, and then change the setting in ONTRAPORT.

    1. Visit Administration > Localization to select your currency setting in ONTRAPORT.

      administration data localization

      1. Select the currency from the drop down.

        Choose currency
      2. Choose how you want the currency symbol to appear. Typical choices include the currency symbol and currency abbreviation, or just the currency symbol, before or after the value.

        choose currency format
      3. Select the number format in the last drop down box. Choices are to use the comma as the decimal separator, typical in Europe, or to use the period as the decimal separator.

        currency number format
    2. Verify that the gateway and currency setting work correctly. Process a live transaction on a valid credit card and verify the charge is reflected correctly in your payment gateway and bank.
    3. Note that the new currency symbol is used on all items and sales reports in ONTRAPORT, including historical sales made prior to the change. It is up to you to segregate sales prior to the change and reflect them properly in your books.

    Available Currencies with

    • Australian Dollar (AUD)
    • Canadian Dollar (CAD)
    • Czech Koruna (CZD)
    • Danish Krone (DKK)
    • Euro (EUR)
    • Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
    • Hungarian Forint (HUF)
    • Israeli New Sheqel (ILS)
    • Japanese Yen (JPY)1
    • Mexican Peso (MXN)
    • Norwegian Krone (NOK)
    • New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
    • Philippine Peso (PHP)
    • Polish Zloty (PLN)
    • Pound Sterling (GBP)
    • Romanian New Leu (RON)
    • Singapore Dollar (SGD)
    • Swedish Krona (SEK)
    • Swiss Franc (CHF)
    • Taiwan New Dollar (TWD)
    • Thai Baht (THB)
    • U.S. Dollar (USD)

    1 ONTRAPORT's number format currently includes 2 decimal places, even when the Japanese Yen (JPY) is set as the currency. Because the Yen does not allow fractional amounts any value in the two decimal places is simply ignored (not rounded).

    Other Gateways Supporting Non-US Currency

    Integrate with:


    Q. Which gateways are best for non-US currency?

    A. There are two main factors to consider. First, does the gateway serve companies in your country, and second, does the gateway offer the currency you want to use? Many gateways accept transactions in currencies from around the world but restrict use to companies located in certain countries. Verify that your company can use the gateway first.

    1. See all countries supports.
    2. eWAY Rapid supports Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
    3. See all countries PayPal Pro supports.
    4. See all countries Stripe supports.
    5. Contact Worldpay support to determine if your country is supported.

    Q. I want to sell in multiple currencies, can I do that with ONTRAPORT?

    A. Our system allows one currency only. We recommend you use separate ONTRAPORT accounts for each currency. The only alternative is to use UltraCart, a native integration with ONTRAPORT that does support multi-currency handling, with up to 12 different currencies accepted.

    Q. I changed my currency in ONTRAPORT last month, and now I have $3,278 in currency conversion charges. I want you to pay them.

    A. Your payment gateway should have been set to bill in the same currency, or have a bank account attached that processes in that currency. Your payment gateway received the payment in the funds you specified and supplied that currency to your bank. The responsibility for the currency conversion charges are between you, your payment gateway and your bank. ONTRAPORT will not reimburse you.

    Q. I just changed my currency in ONTRAPORT and immediately all of my orders are being refused! I am losing money by the second! Fix this!

    A. You have to set the payment gateway to accept the currency you select in ONTRAPORT. Your payment gateway is refusing the order form submissions because we are sending a different currency type than it expects. This is explained in all of our documentation and in ONTRAPORT on the currency selection page.

    Q. I changed my currency setting in ONTRAPORT a while back, and I just noticed you did not convert all of my sales history from USD into my new currency, yet you show those transactions with the new currency symbol. How am I supposed to know which sales were in USD and which are in my new currency?

    A. Our configuration documentation and a warning inside ONTRAPORT advises you that the currency symbol will change system wide, and that no currency conversion is attempted. You should have exported your sales history at the time of the currency change to make the adjustment to your books prior to the conversion change. Nothing in your history has changed, so you can still do this now. Export the sales history dated prior to the changeover and correct your books. If you need the date of the currency change in your account please contact Support.

    Q. Do I have to modify all of my existing order forms, including legacy Smart Forms with Order Forms on them? Some of those are installed using the raw "HTML Version for Geeks" option.

    A. All of your ONTRAPORT Order Forms will update to using the new currency symbol, including ones using the raw HTML Version code. This assumes you have not modified the code. The change will automatically propagate to legacy Smart Forms with products on them, ONTRAforms with order form blocks, and ONTRApages with order form blocks.

    Q. Suddenly my Authorize.Net gateway integration isn't working. What's up?

    A. Authorize.Net API transaction keys can expire. If you notice your account stops accepting payment, here’s how to generate a new transaction key from within Authorize.Net:

    1. Log into Authorize.Net.
    2. Click Settings in the main left side menu.
    3. Click Api Login Id and Transaction Key.
    4. Enter your Secret Answer
    5. Disable your old transaction key by clicking the box labeled Disable Old Transaction Key
    6. Click Submit
    7. Copy your new transaction key to the clipboard
    8. Paste the new transaction key into the x_tran_key: field in ONTRAPORT in Sales > Settings > Gateways
    9. Click Save.

    Q. Can I use the same Transaction Key in ONTRAPORT I use in other applications?

    A. You can. This article from Authorize.Net has more details!

    Q. Can I use with currencies other than US Dollars?

    A. Yes, supports many different currencies. We recommend you set your ONTRAPORT account to the currency you set in to take advantage of the correct currency symbol on Order Forms, in sales reports, etc. You can set the currency type in Administration > Localization as explained in the Currency Options section.

    Q. I changed my currency to Pounds Sterling (GBP) but all the sales values are the same in my account even though they show the pound symbol now! The values should be converted!

    A. ONTRAPORT does not do any currency conversion of existing sales values. You will need to download your transactions prior to the change and convert the values manually for your books.

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