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    Integrating with Stripe

    About Stripe

    Stripe is an international payment gateway supporting businesses in many countries. Stripe charges a transaction fee and percentage of each sale without monthly subscription fees. The ONTRAPORT integration includes the ability to sell subscriptions, payment plans, have upsell forms and charge transactions in currencies other than the US dollar.


    Sign up and configure Stripe to take payments first, then follow these steps to integrate Stripe with ONTRAPORT.

    How to Integrate Stripe with ONTRAPORT

    1. Configure Stripe for ONTRAPORT

      1. Sign into Stripe and click Business Settings > Integration and uncheck the box next to "You're using tokenized payment information" if it is checked. You can safely ignore any warnings that pop up when unchecking the setting. ONTRAPORT takes care of all security on our end and transmits the transaction details securely.

      2. If you have a new account, Stripe may ask you several additional questions to verify you really want to disable tokenized payments. You may not have to complete all of these steps. We are working with them to automatically approve the ONTRAPORT integration and bypass this, but in the meantime:
        1. Confirm that you understand Stripe Radar will not work
        2. Check that you understand the PCI compliance obligations - we have that covered for you!
        3. Select "I cannot change my integration to securely collect payment information".
        4. In the drop down for "why" you cannot change the integration, select "Someone else built my Stripe integration"
        5. In the comment box provided to say who created it, put:
        6. Click the Process payments unsafely button.
        7. The gateway will be pending until they approve it, but Stripe is working with us to get this done quickly. It should be approved within two business days.

          Turn off tokenization and let Stripe know it is an ONTRAPORT integration

          Why does Stripe say "process unsafely"? These settings are intended for custom built apps by individual developers, and Stripe wants to make sure they are safe. Stripe knows ONTRAPORT, and has permitted our order form servers to connect and transmit payment information. 

      3. Click the back arrow to return to the main menu and click the Radar link. 

      4. Make sure the following two settings are set to Disabled
        Block if CVC verification fails 
        Block if ZIP code verification fails

        disable CVC verification in Stripe

        It is illegal for ONTRAPORT to store the CVC codes. If the CVC verification is allowed to block transactions you will not be able to process payment plans, subscriptions, upsell offers or trial periods.

      5. If the two verification settings are enabled they will show "0 blocked" like the Stripe setting above them in this image. You must set these two settings to Disabled. Click the three dot menu to select Disable

        menu to disable settings

      6. Click API, click "Reveal live key token" and copy then revealed Secret Key to the clipboard.


    2. Add Stripe to ONTRAPORT

      1. Log into ONTRAPORT and go to Sales > Settings > Gateways 


      2. Click the New Gateway button

      3. Select Stripe from the Gateway Select menu

      4. Paste the Live Secret Key into the secret_key field

        Stripe Secret Key

      5. Click Save

    Currency Options

    Stripe can process transactions in non-US currencies. ONTRAPORT sends the currency type to Stripe, so you must make sure your currency setting in Stripe matches the currency setting in ONTRAPORT. Make sure you understand how your bank will process the currency; if your bank account defaults to a different currency you may incur transaction and conversion fees. 

    1. Visit Administration > Localization to select your currency setting in ONTRAPORT.

      administration data localization

      1. Select the currency from the drop down.

        Choose currency

      2. Choose how you want the currency symbol to appear. Typical choices include the currency symbol and currency abbreviation, or just the currency symbol, before or after the value. 

        choose currency format

      3. Select the number format in the last drop down box. Choices are to use the comma as the decimal separator, typical in Europe, or to use the period as the decimal separator.

        currency number format

    2. Verify that the gateway and currency setting work correctly. Process a live transaction on a valid credit card and verify the charge is reflected correctly in your payment gateway and bank. 

    3. Note that the new currency symbol is used on all items and sales reports in ONTRAPORT, including historical sales made prior to the change. It is up to you to segregate sales prior to the change and reflect them properly in your books. 

    Available Currencies with Stripe

    • Australian Dollar (AUD)

    • Brazilian Real (RL)
    • Canadian Dollar (CAD)

    • Czech Koruna (CZD)

    • Danish Krone (DKK)

    • Euro (EUR)

    • Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

    • Hungarian Forint (HUF)

    • Israeli New Sheqel (ILS)

    • Japanese Yen (JPY)1

    • Mexican Peso (MXN)

    • Norwegian Krone (NOK)

    • New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

    • Philippine Peso (PHP)

    • Polish Zloty (PLN)

    • Pound Sterling (GBP)

    • Romanian New Leu (RON)

    • Singapore Dollar (SGD)

    • Swedish Krona (SEK)

    • Swiss Franc (CHF)

    • Taiwan New Dollar (TWD)

    • Thai Baht (THB)

    • U.S. Dollar (USD)

    1 Note: ONTRAPORT's number format currently includes 2 decimal places, even when the Japanese Yen (JPY) is set as the currency. Because the Yen does not allow fractional amounts any value in the two decimal places is simply ignored (not rounded).

    Important Facts

    • Stripe does not include any Address Verification Service (AVS). If that is needed for your local jurisdiction another gateway must be used.

    • Stripe supports over 135 currencies.

    • ONTRAPORT can be set to use a single currency only. Multi-currency support is not available in ONTRAPORT.

    • The ONTRAPORT currency setting is a global setting and must match the setting in your payment gateway to avoid extra fees or refused transactions.

    • Sales reports within ONTRAPORT will aggregate the totals without performing any currency conversions after you change your account currency. 

    Other Gateways Supporting Non-US Currency


    Q. I've been using Stripe for a while now, but when I log into their control panel it has a notice that I should update to using their new API. Should I do this?

    A. Yes, you can safely upgrade to using the new API if you are getting this notice. 

    Q. When I try a transaction I'm getting a message that it is unsafe, and I should use "stripe.js" or some other method. What's wrong?

    A. Sign into Stripe and click Business Settings > Integration and uncheck the box next to "You're using tokenized payment information". ONTRAPORT takes care of all the security details for card processing on our end and you can safely ignore the warnings in Stripe when you uncheck this box. 

    Q. Can I use a currency other than US Dollars in Stripe?

    A. Yes. Stripe supports many different currencies. If you connect multiple banks to your Stripe account it can accept payment in different currencies. Each ONTRAPORT account processes in one currency only. If you want to bill in both US Dollars (USD) and Pounds Sterling (GBP), you must use two separate ONTRAPORT accounts.

    Note that Stripe will accept transactions in any of their supported currencies and pass that currency through to the bank you set up for that currency. If you do not have a bank set up for that currency, Stripe will pass the transaction to your primary bank. Your bank may assess currency exchange fees to convert the funds into your bank's currency; these fees can amount to 10% of the sale or more.

    We recommend you set the ONTRAPORT currency setting to match your Stripe setting in Administration > Localization. This will also set the currency symbol for your reports, order forms, etc.

    Q. I changed my currency to Pounds Sterling (GBP) but all the sales values are the same in my account. They should be converted!

    A. ONTRAPORT does not do any currency conversion of existing sales values. You will need to download your transactions prior to the change and convert the values manually for your books.

    Q. I switched my currency in ONTRAPORT and now all my orders are failing!

    A. The currency setting in ONTRAPORT must match the currency setting in the payment gateway. While some gateways refuse transactions with mismatched currency types, others will process the payment and you will incur extra currency exchange and processing fees.

    Q. I have $3,846 in currency exchange fees after switching my currency in ONTRAPORT! Are you going to reimburse me?

    A. No. The currency setting in ONTRAPORT must match the currency setting in the payment gateway. While some gateways refuse transactions with mismatched currency types, others will process the payment and you will incur extra currency exchange and processing fees from the gateway or the bank. ONTRAPORT will not reimburse you for these charges.

    Other Resources

    ONTRAPORT Projects are in-app, step by step instructions to walk  you through the process step-by-step. You can pause and come back at any time, and using the training program does not interfere with using ONTRAPORT, making it ideal for both beginning and advanced ONTRAPORT clients. Have ONTRAPORT open in another tab and click the Project below:

    ONTRAPORT's Community Q&A Forum is our peer-to-peer support site for quick answers to your questions 24 hours a day! ONTRAPORT Support, our Certified Consultants, and your fellow entrepreneurs provide the answers.


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