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    Integrating with USA ePay


    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    USA ePay is a US-based payment gateway that integrates easily with ONTRAPORT, allowing you to process payments.

    How to integrate USA ePay

    1. Log into your USA ePay account
    2. Navigate to Settings.

    3. Click Source Keys from the sub menu.

    4. Click the Add Source button.

    5. In the name field, enter a name that reflects where the key will be used such as ONTRAPORT.
    6. In the pin field, enter a 4 digit pin.

    7. In the key section, click to generate a key. Copy the key to a notepad for use in ONTRAPORT.
    8. Click Save.
    9. Now you're ready to connect USA ePay to ONTRAPORT. Go to Sales > Settings > Gateways.

    10. Click on the New Gateway button.

    11. In the Select a Gateway Type drop down box select USA ePay

    12. Enter the following information:
      • Name: Enter a name for the gateway (just for your own reference) such as USA ePay
      • UMkey: Enter the key you copied from USA ePay in step 7
      • UMpin: Enter the pin you created from USA ePay in step 6

    13. Click Save

    Note: We strongly recommend setting up the Dummy Gateway as well, as you can run test transactions using it.

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