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    Can I convert a legacy ONTRApage into the new ONTRAPORT Pages?

    No. The new ONTRAPORT Pages builder is so vastly different that we can't convert the legacy ONTRApages. And, the new ONTRAPORT page builder is so much fun you'll actually enjoy the rebuilding. We recommend having a glass of (ONTRA-port) wine as you rebuild!

    There's spacing settings everywhere. How do I know what to adjust?

    We recommend that you use our page, block and element templates. Remember the structure of page > block > column > element. Adjust the spacing at the "highest" level first such as block or column. Then add micro adjustments at the element level.

    Im a badass. Can I add CSS to Pages?

    A: Yes you can! You can add html elements with CSS and also add CSS in Page Settings under the header, body or footer tab. To apply CSS to specific blocks, reference the block ID. To get the block ID, click on the edit block gear icon on the right side of the block. The lower left corner will reference the Block ID.


    What's the difference between Padding and Margin? 

    A: Margin is the space outside of an element. Padding is the space inside of an element. Margin and Padding can exist not only on an element, but also a column, block and page.

    An easy way to view padding and margin is enter block edit mode and click the Padding and Margin Viewer. Blue is padding. Pink is margin. Click on any blue or pink area and you'll be taken to the element, column, block or page spacing area so you can adjust it.

    How do I add text on top of my image? 

    To add text on top of an image, add the image as a background on the column.

    1. Click on the block edit gear icon on the top right hand side of the block.
    2. Click Background from the left side options.
    3. Select image from the what kind of background dropdown menu.
    4. Upload your image and select it.
    5. Optional: Adjust settings as necessary.
    6. Optional: Add color overlay such as white or black with opacity lowered to help your text stand out.
    7. Exit block edit mode. Add a text element. 

    Can I add a mask or darkened area behind my text?

    Yes, first edit the block the text is in, then the column.  Select Background in the palette and set it to "Colors". Select a dark or light color, then slide the transparency slider to 20 to 30% or the desired transparency.

    How do I display a block for contacts who have opened a particular email or clicked a link in an email?

    Use the Contact has Tag or Field is this value condition. We wanted display conditions to work quickly on Pages. In order to accomplish this, we prevent as much "calling home" as possible. If we included opened email or clicked email link in our display conditions, the system would have to call the ONTRAPORT database, look for the contact, search through every email sent, find the one that was opened and then call back to the Page to show/not show the block. This would make the web page viewing experience cruddy (and we don't want that).

    Edit your Campaign so that a Tag is added when a Contact opens the email or clicks an email link.

    1. Select block edit gear icon on the top right hand side of the block.
    2. Select Display settings.
    3. Add a Condition and select Contact has Tag. 


    Why didn't the right block display for a contact? 

    Conditional display settings are based on cookie. If the contact cleared their cookies, it's possible that they might not see the block they're supposed to.

    How do I adjust the States and Countries Shown on my form?

    The billing state dropdown will include all the states and provinces ONTRAPORT serves, so we want to delete the ones that are not needed. Click the Billing State field and click Advanced in the Settings. Click to edit the drop down values.

    Follow these steps to edit the dropdown values:

    1. Select a new Default value to show. Normally you would select the first state or province listed in your country.
    2. Click the Hide All button at the top. All of the circles will be filled.
    3. Click on the filled circle next to the states or provinces you want to include.
    4. At the very bottom of the list click on the "My state is not listed" entry to provide a way for international clients to nevertheless register.
    5. Click Okay to save your selection.

    Edit the Country dropdown the same way. The country dropdown does not have a "my country is not listed" option because we don't market to Martians.


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