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    Adding Order Bumps and Upsells to Pages

    Order Bumps for Pages

    Ontraport had added the ability to quickly add Order Bumps to your Sales Process. Order Bumps are proven to increase sales in a non-intrusive manner, which helps in creating a pleasant check out experience for your clients.

    Creating an Order Bump

    Drag the Order Bump Element to the Block under the Order Summary.

    Edit the Order Bump Element in the Palette.

    Optionally, you have the ability to add a quantity field that your customers can adjust.



    Note: All of the products selected will be billed on one invoice. You can use an Order Bump with Standard PayPal as well as any of the credit card gateways.


    Now, sit back and watch your sales number increase!


    Upsell Buttons

    An upsell is an additional offer presented to the customer after the transaction has been submitted. They are great for selling additional items while not jeopardizing the original sale.




    Note: You cannot add an Upsell Button to a Page with an Order Form. They are meant to be added to Thank You Pages for your Order Forms. For example, a client purchases a product and is taken to a Thank You Page. On that Thank You Page is the Upsell Button.

    Creating an Upsell

    Add your sales copy to the Thank You Page offering the Upsell item. Under that copy, drag the Upsell Button Element to the Page.

    You'll notice that a Yes and No button is added, giving the customer a simple choice to buy the upsell item or not.

    Click the Upsell Element to edit and configure the Product and Payment Settings, just as you do with an Order Form.



    In the Form Settings, set the Thank You Pages for the Yes and No Buttons and Timeout Page.



    Not limited to one!

    You can continue to put upsell forms on the thank you pages, daisy-chaining the upsell offers. Some people use three or four offers, branching off the Yes or No button side (or both sides!)

    The original purchase is recorded already, and an invoice generated. We cache their payment information so that each additional sale only requires clicking the Yes button. For more on configuring upsells in your ONTRAPORT account, and how they work, see our article on Upsells.

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