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    Get Started with Performance Mode

    About Performance Mode

    Performance Mode shows you real time statistics for your Campaign Map. Clicking on any quantity will display an ad hoc Group of Contacts representing that stat.  Performance Mode includes several interactive features to display nearly every aspect of your Campaign. To view Performance Mode click the Performance button when viewing your Campaign. 

    Performance Mode Button at the Top Right


    Performance Mode Stats

    Performance Mode Stats include:

    • Number of Contacts on or passing through this Campaign Element
    • Conversion rates
    • Time to achieve Goals
    • Lifetime Value

    Stats are displayed according to the Performance Report displayed. Some Performance Reports allow you to click an element on the Map and see the related stats through different Elements. See our article on Performance Mode Stats for more detailed information.

    Performance Mode Stats

    Performance Mode Reports

    Performance Mode Reports show you:

    • Contact Flow
    • Goal Conversion Rate
    • Goal Conversion Time
    • Goal Conversion Point
    • Funnel Conversion
    • Lifetime Value

    The Goal Conversion Reports allow you to select a Goal and see the stats related to it. The Campaign Map is interactive and you can click additional Goals without requiring a page refresh. See our article Performance Mode Reports for more information.

    Peformance Mode Reports

    Date Range Filters

    The Date Range Filters narrow or expand the scope of the Reports based on any of the pre-configured date ranges or a custom date range you enter. Date Ranges include:

    • All Time Data
    • Yesterday
    • Today
    • Last 7 Days
    • This Week
    • Last Week
    • Last Week to Date
    • This Month
    • Last Month
    • Last Month to Date
    • Last 30 Days
    • Last Year
    • Last Year to Date
    • Year to Date
    • Custom Date Range (specific dates you select)



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