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    Advanced Zap - Form Fillout Trigger

    Advanced: Using a Zap When a Form is Filled Out

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    Visit Integrating with Zapier to see the full documentation.

    In addition to triggering a Zap each time a Contact is added to ONTRAPORT you can trigger one any time a form is filled out by a new or existing Contact. The Zap can then populate a record in any of the other programs Zapier connects to, such as a booking calendar, webinar program, or another mail service provider.

    1. In Zapier, click the Make a Zap! button. Choose ONTRAPORT as the Trigger application and configure it with an API Key and APP ID if needed. 

    2. Choose the New Form Submission trigger.

      New Form Submission trigger in Zapier
    3. Select the ONTRAPORT form from the drop down

      select the ONTRAPORT or ONTRApages form
    4. Select the other application as the Action portion of the Zap.
    5. Zapier guides you through testing the connections to each program, showing sample data transfers, etc.

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      Gjermund Sivertsen

      Thanks, Ontraport! Just what I needed