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    Integrating with AccessAlly


    AccessAllylink is a WordPress plugin that combines robust membership functions, course creation, student progress tracking and easy content creation for your website. It includes secure hosting of your media content including PDFs, MP3s and videos. Further, it integrates with both live and recorded Google Hangouts.


    AccessAlly uses ONTRAPORT's Tags to determine membership access levels while ONTRAPORT controls all messaging and automation, including triggered Rules that grant or revoke membership access.


    Usernames and Passwords are generated by AccessAlly and stored in ONTRAPORT. We recommend not using AccessAlly and ONTRAPORT's PilotPress plugin concurrently as they could interfere with each other.

    AccessAlly Video Tutorial

    Note: This video references ONTRAPORT at 11 minutes.



    Configuration is easy. Please note that these instructions differ slightly from those in the video, in that they collect all relevant information from ONTRAPORT in the beginning instead of throughout the process.

    1. Navigate to Sites > Wordpress and click the New WordPress Site button. Select the Existing Wordpress Site option and click Create New to create a new entry for your existing site.  Show / Hide

      Click Create New to add a new entry for an existing WordPress site/

    2. Enter the name of the site and the Website URL. Do not configure any membership levels. Click Save.  Show / Hide

      Configure existing site

    3. Click your email address at the top right, click on Administration and then select ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager.  

    4. Click on the name of your website to open the API Key Permissions editor. Select a Contact Owner from the drop down, then check off all of the permissions. Copy the API App ID and API Key numbers to a text file for use in AccessAlly later. Click Save in the upper right.  Show / Hide

      api permissions for AccessAlly

    5. AccessAlly needs a custom field to store the Contact's password. Click Contacts > Settings > Field Editor to add a new field.  Show / Hide

      Enter new custom field

    6. Add a text field named "AccessAlly Password". Save the field and remember to click the Save button in the upper right.


    Now, you are ready to configure the integration in your WordPress site. Download the AccessAlly plugin and install it according to their instructions. Then, follow these steps:

    1. In the WordPress administration section, select AccessAlly and General Settings. On the Initial Setup tab select ONTRAPORT from the drop down box at the top and copy and paste the Application ID and API Key into the ONTRAPORT Account Settings section.  Show / Hide 

      Access Ally ONTRAPORT settings section

    2. At the bottom of that page, select the AccessAlly Password field from the drop down under Password Field.  Show / Hide

      Access Ally Password

    3. Click Save Changes at the bottom. AccessAlly and your WordPress site should now be integrated with your ONTRAPORT account.


    Q. Can I use AccessAlly with PilotPress membership sites?

    A. No, do not combine both AccessAlly and ONTRAPORT's PilotPress plugin as they could interfere with each other.

    Q. I am using an ONTRAPORT Step Sequence to add a lot of users to a course, but not all of them are getting added. What am I doing wrong?

    A. The API method used by AccessAlly can run into our "API rate limiting" if you have more than 200 requests. Please use the update method from this tutorial  instead (login required): Course Creation: batchsync

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    • Avatar
      Mary Collier

      How i get my all ontraport users to wordpress or i need to add an registration form and manually add the ontraport contact id but that should be automatic? please suggest more on this.

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Hi Mary - AccessAlly uses a "Ping URL" (webhook) to send the membership information to the WordPress site. The video above, at 11 minutes, has the process.

      While they describe using the Step Sequence and a Rule to send the Ping URL after a form fill out or purchase, you could also create the same Step Sequence and simply subscribe all (or a Group of) your Contacts to it. 

      The API method used by AccessAlly can run into our "API rate limiting" if you have more than 200 requests (easy to do in a sequence!) Please use the update method from this tutorial  instead (login required): Course Creation: batchsync

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