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    Facebook Custom Audiences

    Revised July 5, 2017





    About Facebook Custom Audiences

    ONTRAPORT's unique integration with Facebook Custom Audiences is included in Basic, Pro and Team accounts. It allows you to bypass exporting and importing your contacts into existing Facebook Custom Audiences, enabling the use of Campaigns, Group Actions and Rules to automate the process.

    Facebook frequently changes their interface, and often split tests pages. Some of the images and explanations may not exactly match what you see in your Facebook account. We have provided links to the Facebook documentation where needed. 

    Note for Certified Consultants and Virtual Assistants: This integration should be built ONLY by using your client's Facebook account. The ONTRAPORT Facebook Custom Audience integration can only tie one Facebook app to one ONTRAPORT account. If you tried to build the integration for two or more clients using one Facebook account (such as your own Facebook account) then all of the clients will see all of the ad accounts from within ONTRAPORT.

    First Steps in Facebook
    1. Create a Facebook ad or Business Manager account. Facebook prefers you use a Business Manager account if you don't have either account set up yet, and then add already created ads accounts to it. You can create up to five ads accounts to show in ONTRAPORT (this is the limit set by the Facebook App, and not one imposed by ONTRAPORT).

    2. Create Facebook Custom Audiences in the ads account(s) set up in step 1. You can create as many as you like in the ad accounts you are going to integrate with ONTRAPORT.

    3. Copy the ad account number(s) you wish to pull into ONTRAPORT to a text file for use later. Facebook limits us to a maximum of five ad accounts. This limit is set by Facebook and not imposed by ONTRAPORT. 

    4. Create a free Facebook Developer's account

    These Facebook accounts will be used to connect your Custom Audiences to ONTRAPORT.

    Create the Facebook App

    The Facebook App is created in the Facebook Developer's account. You will need the account number for each ad account that has Custom Audiences you want to connect to ONTRAPORT (see steps 1 and 2 under First Steps in Facebook). 

    1. Visit Facebook Marketing API and click Create an Ads App

      Create a marketing API app

    2. If you already have an Ads App you wish to use select it from the dropdown on the left and click Continue". Click Create to create a new Ads App.

      Select an existing Ads App or create a new one
    3. If you are creating a new Ads App, provide your Contact Email, and click the Create App ID  button. 

      Create New App

    4. Click the Tools link under Marketing API and check the ads_management check box. Click the Get Token button and copy the Token to a text file for use later in ONTRAPORT.

      Click Get Token in Tools
    5. Click Settings under Marketing API. Add all the ads account numbers you saved earlier in the First Steps with Facebook section (up to five ads accounts only) into the Ads API Account Configuration text box and click Add. Make sure all ads account numbers you added show in the Ads API Account Configuration text box before continuing to the next step. 

      Add Account ID

    6. Click the Dashboard link at the top of the left column. Copy the App ID to a text file for use in ONTRAPORT later. Click the Show button next to App Secret and copy it to the text file as well. There is no need to do anything else in the Dashboard section.

      App Secret

    This completes the Facebook App configuration. You do not need to make the Facebook App live, or submit it for review.

    ONTRAPORT uses the three keys you copied to a text file, the App ID and App Secret from step 3, and the Token from step 5 to connect to your Facebook ads Account.

    Connect ONTRAPORT to Facebook
    1. Click your profile icon at the top right of your ONTRAPORT account and select Administration. Click the Social section and select the Facebook API link.

      Facebook API Link in ONTRAPORT Administration

    2. Insert the Facebook App ID, App Secret and Access Token you obtained in the Create the Facebook App section (see steps 3 and 4). Then click Save at the top right.

      Facebook App ID, APP Secret and APP Token in ONTRAPORT

    3. If you set it up correctly you should see your ads accounts and Custom Audiences when you go to Contacts, select at least one contact to display the Action drawer, click the Facebook button and select Add.

      Facebook Audience Actions Drawer Icon

    Add Contacts to Facebook Using a Group Action
    1. In the Contacts database, select the contacts to add to the Facebook Custom Audience. The Actions drawer will display. Click the Facebook Audience button.

      The Actions Drawer

    2. Select to Add the selected contacts the Custom Audience.

      Add Contacts to Custom Audience

    Adding Contacts to Facebook Using a Campaign
    1. Navigate to Contacts > Campaigns and click the + New Campaign button
    2. Name the Campaign Add to Facebook CA
    3. Click the What Happens Next icon below the Start Trigger
    4. Add the element Facebook Custom Audience from the Advanced tab on the Add New Item dialog
    5. In the Settings for the element leave the first drop down on the default Add
    6. Click the + Add button above the Facebook Audience box to select the Custom Audience you are adding the contacts to
    7. Click Done
    8. Add an End element under the Custom Audience element to complete the Campaign Map. 

    add to Facebook Custom Audience element

    You can add Contacts via a Group Action, selecting Add to Campaign.

    You can add additional Triggers to this campaign with a Go To element adding them to this Custom Audience. Examples:

    • Add a Trigger for the Bulk Email Status field changing to "Opt Out" to target Contacts who opt out
    • Add a Trigger for visiting a sales page without purchasing to target procrastinating Contacts
    • Add a Trigger for Contact Created to keep your brand top of mind to your most newly engaged Contacts

    Using multiple triggers on an Add to Facebook Campaign


    Q. What about security? Does Facebook use the emails we give them for their own marketing?

    A. According to Facebook, the email addresses are encrypted and only a "hash" is used to make the matches. When you submit a new Contact, Facebook hashes that email address and then looks for a match.

    Q. I don't want to give Facebook my credit card. Can I still do this?

    A. Facebook Custom Audiences are for advertising, so their rules regarding account set up must be followed. They will allow you to set up and verify your account, but before you can start advertising you will have to provide a payment method.

    Q. Facebook is so confusing! Can Support set up my developer's, business and ads accounts?

    A. No, we cannot provide free support for configuring Facebook. Our Certified Consultants can certainly help you!

    Q. Hey, your image of Facebook's interface is different. What gives?

    A. Facebook frequently updates their user interface. We make every attempt to keep the articles updated. While the position of an item may change, they usually do not rename them, so you should be able to use the image and text as a reference to find the menu item or link to click.

    Q. Does this give Facebook access to my ONTRAPORT account?

    A. No, there is no data transferred to Facebook that you do not authorize using a Group Action or using a Rule. Facebook has no access to your Contacts, sales data, or any other part of ONTRAPORT in any way.

    Q. I manage multiple Facebook accounts. Will this work with Facebook Business Manager accounts?

    A. Yes, this integration will work with Facebook Business Manager accounts.

    Q. I have multiple ad accounts. Will this work with that setup?

    A. It will. You can add up to five Facebook ads accounts to the Facebook App. This is a limitation set by Facebook and not ONTRAPORT. 

    Note: Facebook only allows up to five ads accounts to be added. If you are using a Business Manager account you must be an account admin on the ads account you wish to add. This is a limitation set by Facebook, and we don't have a method to show more than five ads accounts.

    Q. My ads accounts display in a weird order in ONTRAPORT. Can I sort them?

    A. ONTRAPORT cannot control the order in which Facebook returns the five allowed ads accounts. 

    Q. One of my ads accounts that has no Custom Audiences in it is showing up in ONTRAPORT. Why?

    A. When we request the list of ads accounts from Facebook, they add all ads accounts you are the admin of to the list of Approved Ad Accounts API. Even if the ads account has no lists, it is still a valid ads account and will show blank in OP.

    Q. Not all of my Custom Audiences are showing up in ONTRAPORT! Why?

    A. We only list Custom Audiences that we can add Contacts to, so Look-Alike and Saved Custom Audience types might not be visible. If one Custom Audience does not display in ONTRAPORT, but others do, it is because we cannot add or remove Contacts from that Custom Audience.

    Q. My Custom Audiences that used to appear in ONTRAPORT are no longer in the drop down!

    A. Facebook may deactivate a Custom Audience. Verify the health of your Custom Audiences by logging into your Ads or Business Manager account and selecting the main menu, All Tools and then Audiences under Assets. The Availability column will show if the Custom Audience is available.

    Custom audience status





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    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      In a Campaign, the "Facebook Custom Audience" element that is found on the "Advanced" tab of the "What Happens Next?" pop up, allows you to add or remove contacts from a Custom Audience. In the Settings, click the down arrow next to "Add" and select "Remove".

      In this example, we have the Start trigger that is added by default to all Campaigns, and it simply adds Contacts to a Facebook Custom Audience. That will add Contacts you select from the Contacts collection and manually add to the Custom Audience.

      Next to that is a Trigger I added that looks for any Contact that opts out of receiving our email. Wait! We want them back, so we'll re-engage them via Facebook Custom Audiences. The Trigger looks for an update to the Bulk Email Status field and has a condition that the update is changing the field value to "Opt-out". Under that Trigger I added a Goto filter that adds them to the Facebook Custom Audience element.

      The Trigger settings are set so that "Who can activate this trigger?" equals "Any Contact in account" and "If Contact is already on map, then..." equals "Move here when triggered."

      In this case, I want to stop engaging them on Facebook if they opt back in, so I have another Trigger set to look for the Bulk Email Status field changing. This time, I set the condition so the value of the field is "Single Opt-in" or "Double Opt-in". I add a Facebook Custom Audiences element under that Trigger that removes them from the Custom Audience.

      The Trigger settings are the same, "Who can activate this trigger?" equals "Any Contact in account" and "If Contact is already on map, then..." equals "Move here when triggered."

      In Performance Mode you will be able to see the number of Contacts you have added, and the number you have removed displayed on those elements. This is an evergreen, always active and running Campaign that, in this case, adds or removes the Contact based on their Bulk Email Status field.

      Edited by Frank Hagan
    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      You can also manually remove a Contact from a Custom Audience using their Contact Record, or by using our Legacy Rules.

    • Avatar
      Jake Hower

      Does this still only work with one FB Ads account inside a Business Manager account? I'm only seeing audiences from one ads account.

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      You can now use multiple ad accounts from the Business Manager.

      We now list all available ad accounts listed on the Facebook App in the appropriate places in ONTRAPORT (drop downs, etc.)  Facebook does limit the app itself to a maximum of five ad accounts, but you can have unlimited Custom Audiences within those five accounts. 

      Some Custom Audiences, that we cannot manipulate, will not show up. For example, because we can't add or delete from a Look-Alike Custom Audience we do not show it. 

      Edited by Frank Hagan
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