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    Integration Overview


    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above for most integrations.

    ONTRAPORT integrates with a number of other applications to extend the power and reach of your business.

    The integrations listed under ONTRAPORT's Built In Integrations are supported by ONTRAPORT. For all others please contact the integration's author for support.

    ONTRAPORT's Built In Integrations

    ONTRAPORT Support provides full support for the following integrations:

    Accounting / Bookkeeping

    • QuickBooks Desktop - Connex allows you to sync transactions and contacts to QuickBooks Desktop
    • QuickBooks Online - Cloud Cart Connector syncs transactions and contacts to QuickBooks Online
    • Xero- XOSync automates your bookkeeping. Sync transactions from ONTRAPORT to invoices in Xero. Sync Contacts from Xero to ONTRAPORT. Support documentation can be found here.

    API Helpers

    API Helpers are applications that use the ONTRAPORT API and connect to many other programs.

    • Apiant - Over 15,000 apps can be integrated with ONTRAPORT; offers custom design services
    • Fuzed - Several integrations including a Chrome Browser Extension, Wistia, and TimeTrade
    • PieSync - Real time 2-way Contact sync between ONTRAPORT and many other apps
    • PlusThis - Multiple integrations including GoToWebinar, Zoom, Facebook, Surveys, Links, etc. For a special ONTRAPORT offer, go to
    • WebMerge - Merge contacts with documents for services such as Docu-sign
    • Zapier - There are more than 750 apps you can connect ONTRAPORT to through this service

    Appointments / Calendars

    CRM Software


    • WebMerge - Create PDF, Word, Excel, etc. documents with ONTRAPORT data
    • DocuSign / WebMerge - Example of how to set up e-signature collecting via DocuSign


    • Bloom Forms - Popular WordPress plugin that integrates with ONTRAPORT
    • ConvertPlug - WordPress forms plugin for harvesting leads from your web visitors
    • ConvertPro - Lead generation plugin with an easy editor
    • Justuno - Pop up opt in forms with a variety of stats available
    • Optin Feature Box - WordPress plugin for pop up and other opt in forms
    • OptinMonster - Full featured opt-in form creator using our API, with built-in analytics and A/B testing
    • PopupAlly - Uses legacy HTML Smart Form code to integrate pop up and other opt in forms
    • Thrive Leads - Opt in forms from the Thrive Themes company

    Help Desk

    • Freshdesk - Fuzed integration with Freshdesk
    • Helpscout - Helpscout integration via Fuzed
    • ZenDesk - Fuzed's integration with the ever popular ZenDesk help desk

    Landing Pages

    Third party landing page editors break the ONTRAPORT tracking script and do not work with the ONTRAPORT Partner program. In addition, you may need to go to special lengths to enable features such as Marketing Tracking (UTM). We recommend using the built in ONTRAPORT Legacy Landing Pages and ONTRApages instead.

    Learning Management Systems

    • Access Ally - Hosted LMS with full features (WordPress not required).

    Note: To avoid API rate limiting if you have more than 200 users, please use the update method from this tutorial (login required): Course Creation: batchsync


    • Access Ally. See videos under Learning Management Systems.
    • Conditional PilotPress Login - Fixes login problems with PilotPress membership sites when PilotPress and WordPress logins are out of sync
    • Contact is Tagged - For WordPress. Shows content based on whether a non-logged-in visitor has (or doesn't have) an Ontraport tag
    • Contact Product Purchases - WordPress plugin to display a logged in user's purchase history on any page using a shortcode. Requires PilotPress.
    • Member Vault - Deep API integration to add tags for virtually any interaction with your membership content (quizzes, video, ebooks, etc.)
    • WP Fusion - WordPress plugin that can protect pages via ONTRAPORT Tags, sync Contacts and integrate WooCommerce.

    Postal Mail Fulfillment

    • Lob - Postal mail integration for post cards, letters, checks, etc. International delivery options.
    • MailLift - Sends handwritten letters to your contacts. International delivery options.
    • Thankster - Handwritten style "thank you" cards. See their PDF guide to the integration. US only.
    • WebMerge - Populate docs to send via postal, email or another application (Lob example shown)


    • Wicked Reports - Full featured reports / statistics platform to aggregate all marketing stats
    • TruConversion - analytics and feedback software that offers heatmaps and funnel anlalytics

    Shipping / Fulfillment

    Shopping Carts / Affiliate Tracking

    • 1Shopping Cart - Full featured shopping cart starting at $20 a month (ONTRAPORT supported)
    • Affilicon - Order form and affiliate platform for German and international customers which passes contact information and purchase data into ONTRAPORT.
    • ClickBank© - Leading shopping cart specializing in digital products (ONTRAPORT supported)
    • Easy Digital Downloads - WP Fusion's plugin syncs product data, and pushes transaction data into ONTRAPORT.
    • iDevAffiliate - Affiliate tracking software that integrates with over 150 carts, autoresponders and payment gateways. Useful for multi-tier affiliate programs and pay-per-click commissions. Once an order is successful in ONTRAPORT, use the send a webhook element to notify iDevAffiliate of the sale including last charge amount, last invoice number and IP address. Product name is not sent to iDevAffiliate.
    • PayKickstart - All-in-one payment and affiliate management system
    • SamCart - Premium shopping cart (supported directly by SamCart)
    • Shopify - Fuzed integration of this popular shopping cart
    • UltraCart - Premium flexible shopping cart (ONTRAPORT supported)
    • WooCommerce - WP Fusion's plugin syncs product data, and pushes transaction data into ONTRAPORT.

    Social Media Integrations

    Facebook Opt Ins / Contests

    Facebook Custom Audiences Integrations

    Facebook Lead Ads Integrations


    Survey / Quiz / Contests

    • DilogR - Quizzes are one of the modules DilogR provides
    • Interact - Quizzes, assessments and giveaways for lead generation by Interact
    • Simple Email Surveys - PlusThis includes this integration in their package
    • LeadQuizzes - Create quizzes to generate email opt ins and nurture leads
    • Outgrow - Create quizzes, surveys or calculators for any website
    • Viral Sweep - Sweepstakes and contest platform for all platforms, including Facebook.
    • YesInsights - Quickly embed 1 question surveys in ONTRAmail or on a web page


    • Contact is Tagged - For WordPress. Shows content based on whether a non-logged-in visitor has (or doesn't have) an Ontraport tag. Does not require a membership site.
    • Picreel - Real time behavior tracking to customize offers while contacts are still on your site
    • PlusThis - Tracking includes video completion, countdown timers, date tracking and link redirection
    • Capture URL Variables - Captures text added to the end of URLs for tracking purposes


    • Bonjoro - Record a personal video and send it right to your customer's email inbox!
    • DilogR - Video streaming and completion tags are provided in this package
    • Plus This - Tracks percent of video viewed
    • Wistia - Fuzed's integration with Wistia

    Voice / SMS

    ONTRAPORT already includes SMS support. These applications add additional features and / or voice calling functions.

    • Call Loop - Voice broadcasting (recorded appointment reminders, etc.)
    • PlusThis - SMS functions that are essentially the same as ONTRAPORT's included SMS
    • SimpleTexting - Use polls and "text to win" SMS features. Requires Zapier


    • Demio - Includes adding tags for "Not", "Partial", or "Full" viewing, and can optionally email recording to participants. Uses API or webhook integration.
    • EasyWebinar - How to integrate EasyWebinar with ONTRAPORT
    • EverWebinar - Steps to integrate your EverWebinar webinars with ONTRAPORT
    • GoToWebinar - How to integrate with GTW using ONTRAPORT alone
    • GoToWebinar - Fuzed's enhanced GTW integration
    • GoToWebinar - PlusThis includes a GTW integration in their package
    • StealthSeminar - Live, automated (pre-recorded), or hybrid webminars with deep integration. Stealth will configure the integration for you
    • WebinarJam - How to integrate this popular webinar service
    • Yondo - Webinar and live sessions
    • Zoom - Integrating Zoom Webinars with ONTRAPORT


    Q. How do I get an ONTRAPORT API key and app ID?

    A. Visit this page to learn how to get an API key and app ID.

    Q. How do I get help with an integration?

    A. For all third party integrations, please contact the third party publisher first. We will always try to help if we can!

    Q. Which integrations are native to ONTRAPORT and supported by ONTRAPORT?

    A. The integrations that appear in the Administration section of your account, 1Shopping Cart, ClickBank, the Facebook Connect button and UltraCart integrations are supported by ONTRAPORT.

    Q. Why don't you integrate with X?

    A. We encourage other software vendors to develop integrations with ONTRAPORT, and we are adding new features all the time. If you have a specific request, please let us know!

    Q. Can I develop my own integration?

    A. ONTRAPORT's open API allows developers to interact with our system.

    Q. I developed an integration. Can I get it listed here?

    A. Yes! It has to meet our standards for security, of course, and we would be happy to take a look at it. Please email with the details of your integration and we will get in touch!

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