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    Enable the Partner/Affiliate Center in WordPress


    What is the Partner Center?

    The partner center is a user-friendly place where someone who has signed up to be your partner or affiliate via a partner signup form and has received login credentials (username and password) from you so they can log into your PilotPress integrated WordPress site and do the following:

    • View & export their earnings for commissions, clawbacks (refunds), and payments

    • View & export their affiliate reports based on date range

    • Update their paypal email address information

    • Update their login information

    • Access their promotional tools, links and subID code


    How to Enable the Partner Center in WordPress

    1. Log into your integrated WordPress site

    2. Mouse over the Settings menu in the dashboard

    3. Click on PilotPress

    4. Find ONTRAPORT Integration Settings

    5. Check the box titled Enable Partner Center


    6. Save Changes

    7. Set Post Login Redirect for the page you’d like your partners to land on after they login

      1. Recommended: redirect affiliates to the Affiliate Center

        1. Find the Post Login Redirect Settings

        2. Select Partners Redirect to Affiliate Center


    8. Save Changes


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    • Avatar
      chuck layton

      I believe this has now changed to "partner Center"...

    • Avatar
      Johnny Cardwell

      Affiliate Center is now Partner Center

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