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    Partner Management Overview

    About Partner Programs

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    A Partner Program, commonly known as an affiliate or referral program, is a marketing tool that allows you to add measurable value to your business with little up front cost. By marketing and selling your products on your behalf, Partners create new leads and refer loyal customers and in turn, they can receive commission for helping you generate sales. You provide your partners with all your advertising tools such as trackable links and banner ads so they can promote your business. When a visitor to your site or listing clicks on an ad or link, the transaction is tracked. If this transaction results in a sale of your product, your partners get a commission for that sale.

    What You Can Do With Partner Management

    ONTRAPORT’s Partner Management system allows you to track who's sending you traffic and sales so you can reward them. Partner management does the following:

    • Manage one tier and two tier partner programs
    • Ability to run multiple partner programs. For instance, if you've got a couple of different levels of partners and you want to offer them different commissions or different products to sell. In this case, you could set up multiple programs, and since each affiliate can only be a member of one program, the system knows how to pay them.
    • Links to a Partner center via our PilotPress WordPress integration feature allowing your partners to log in and see their stats, get promo tools like banners and emails, and see the next payment amount.
    • Enables outstanding partner follow up to increase their overall experience.

    Create a Partner Program: Prerequisites

    Optional: Enable the Partner Center in Wordpress

    If you want your Partners to have access to a Partner Center where they can grab their links to promote, see stats on their sales and update their contact information, follow steps 1-2. This is not necessary but it does help Partners to be self-serviced and lowers support requests from Partners.

    1. Integrate ONTRAPORT with WordPress
    2. Create a membership level for Partners
    3. Enable the Partner Center in WordPress

    Setup and Test the Partner Program

    1. Configure Partner Global Settings
    2. Set up a Partner Program
    3. Set up the Promo Tools to send leads to a sales page (the sales page should contain an order form and an ONTRAPORT tracking script).
    4. Create a Partner Sign-up Form or ONTRApage
    5. Create a Partner Welcome process
    6. Test your Partner Program

    Monitor, Nurture and Pay Partners

    1. Monitor and Pay partners
    2. Nurture Partners with Thank You emails and Milestone programs

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    • Avatar
      Permanently deleted user

      Can I manually add partners?

    • Avatar
      Paul Nugent

      Hi Greg,

      Thank you for your question. This is Paul from support. You can Manually add a contact to an affiliate program by going into their contact record and selecting the Referral info tab.

      You can then select the partner program that you would like to assign.


    • Avatar
      Chris McAlister

      Is there any way to tag a "CONTACT" to a particular Partner and then the Partner would receive a commission once the new user went through a series of launch emails?

      I'm creating an evergreen launch sequence and would like partners to send folks directly to my opt-in page and then receive a commission once their referral purchases 6 days later. Is that possible?

    • Avatar
      Helene Pouwels

      I don't see where is the info to set up the actual partner centre reporting on the wordpress / pilot press? I have set it up so when they login they get to a page but that page has nothing on it yet. How can they access the reports that show their sales ? Thank you