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    Partner Management FAQ

    Q: How are First Referrer and Last Referrer tracked?

    Q: How do I track partner referrals on my website

    Q: If Last Referrer is selected, what happens when the Last Referrer is not the partner that just set a cookie in the browser when a sale is made?

    Q: If Last Referrer is selected, what happens when a new cookie is set by a new partner but a sale is not made, does it still replace Last Referrer?

    Q: If Last Referrer is selected, is there a way to simply have a “last cookie wins the sale”, meaning that the partner whose cookie is in the browser is the one who gets the sale, if there is no cookie in the browser then the sale is NOT credited to a partner?

    Q: How do I set up a two tier Partner Program before my launch starts?

    Q: If Last Referrer is selected, what happens if I re-run a commission on an open order?

    Q: If I move a Partner from one Partner Program to another, will all their affiliate data (clicks, leads, sales, commissions) move seamlessly from one program to the other?

    Q: What happens if a refund is issued after commission has been generated for the Partner?

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    • Avatar
      Devin Slavin

      Where do I get the tracking script?

    • Avatar
      Ben Cogburn

      Hi Devin,

      In the top right of your account please press your login username and select Administration from the drop down.

      Once you're on the Administration page you're looking for the "Get Tracking Code" button.


      For more information on how to use this tracking script as well as place it on your site please see here,

    • Avatar
      Devin Slavin


      Thank you for helping me with this so promptly!



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