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    Partner Management FAQ

    About Partner Program Management

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus level and above.

    First and Last Referrer FAQs

    Q. How are First Referrer and Last Referrer tracked?

    A. When a contact clicks through an affiliate link, their browser is "cookied". These "cookies" will be tracked when the contact submits through a Smart Form or Order Form block on an ONTRApage or in an ONTRAform. Upon submission of the form, either First or Last Referrer will be updated. Assuming the contact is not already in the system, both First and Last will update. If they are already in the system, whether they were imported or referred by another partner, only the Last Referrer will update.

    Q. What happens when the Last Referrer in the Contact Record is not for the Partner who "closed the sale" by having a great promo tool that caused the customer to purchase?

    A. The Last Referrer field updates with each opt in or order. The Partner with the great closing skills will be listed as the Last Referrer.

    Q. What happens when the Contact Record has a Last Referrer already, but the Contact clicks on another promo tool without opting in or buying? Does the Last Referrer change?

    A. No, the Last Referrer will not change automatically. If the Contact who is cookied with the new Last Referrer's information fills out an opt in or order form, then the Last Referrer field will be updated.

    Q. If I pay by Last Referrer and have a Partner with 10 subscription product sales, and on five of the Contacts the Last Referrer field changes, does the original Partner lose commission on those five subscription sales?

    A. No. As long as commissions are eligible to be paid the original Partner will collect the commissions.

    Q. If Last Referrer is selected, is there a way to simply have a “last cookie wins the sale”, meaning that the partner whose cookie is in the browser is the one who gets the sale, if there is no cookie in the browser then the sale is NOT credited to a partner?

    A. Yes, if you have your Partner Program set to pay the Last Referrer that is what will happen. The "last cookie" information from a new Partner will update the Last Referrer field.

    Partner Program Configuration FAQs

    Q. How do I track partner referrals on my website

    A. Include the ONTRAPORT tracking script on each page. We include it automatically on every page on a WordPress site integrated with Pilotpress, and on all ONTRApages. For other sites, obtain the tracking code from Administration > Developer Preferences and Resources > Get Tracking Code and include it on your pages.

    Q. How do I set up a two tier Partner Program before my launch starts?

    A. A one-tier program pays the Partner. A two-tier program would pay the Partner a commission, and also a commission to the Partner that referred them. Please see our Create a Partner Program article for more information.

    Q. If Last Referrer is selected, what happens if I re-run a commission on an open order?

    A. Because the Last Referrer field updates, it is possible to re-run commissions and change an earned commission for a prior Last Referrer to a new Partner. ONTRAPORT provides the ability to choose which Last Referrer to use when re-running commissions.

    Paying Partner Commissions FAQs

    Q. If I move a Partner from one Partner Program to another, will all their affiliate data (clicks, leads, sales, commissions) move seamlessly from one program to the other?

    A. When you move a Partner from one program to another all stats move with the Partner. That means if you move from Program B back to Program A, all stats are still there. The only thing that does change is which Partner Program the Partner is displayed in.

    If the Partner is removed from all Partner Programs, or his or her Contact Record deleted, then upcoming sales will not be credited to that Partner.

    Q. What happens if a refund is issued after commission has been generated for the Partner?

    • Commission generated and Partner paid: In this case, a "clawback" will be generated in which the amount generated in commission will be retrieved from future commissions for the Partner. The "clawback" appears as a negative commission.
    • Commission generated and Partner NOT paid: If the Partner has not yet been paid, then the funds will simply be subtracted from the Partner's earnings, reducing the total to be paid to them.

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