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    Test your Partner Program


    The ONTRAPORT Partner Program uses cookies to track your prospects and identify the Partner who referred them. The cookie is a small text file that remains available in the browser. When the prospect opts in or purchases a product, the ONTRAPORT tracking script and form processor reads the cookie and writes the Partner information into the new Contact Record. This makes the referral information persistent and extremely reliable, but complicates the process of testing the program. With each and every test you must:

    1. Activate Private or Incognito Mode in a new browser window or tab.
    2. Clear the brower's cache.
    3. Clear the browser's cookies.

    You must complete the three steps above before starting any individual test of your Partner Program.

    Testing Your Partner Sign Up Process

    This is the step by step procedure you’ll need to run through to ensure that your Partner Program is set up properly and functions as it should.

    1. Activate Private or Incognito Mode in a new browser window or tab.
    2. Clear the brower's cache.
    3. Clear the browser's cookies.
    4. Navigate to your partner sign up form and fill it out using a test email address.
      1. Make sure you use an email address that’s NOT currently registered in your account.
      2. If the program requires approval, make sure you go into your pending partners group in the Contacts Collection and add your test contact to the Partner Program before moving on to step 5. If you're using Task outcomes for approval, complete the Task and select the Approved outcome.
    5. Check the new partner's Contact Record to ensure it has:
      1. Populated the Partner Program field on the Referral Info tab.

      2. Added the new partner as a member to the WordPress website in the Website Subscribers section of the Memberships tab.

        Partners Programs Partner Center Website Membership
    6. Check your inbox for the email containing your username and password.
    7. Log into your WordPress site and visit the Partner Center using your login information from step 6.
    8. Go to the Promotional Tools section of the Partner / Affiliate Center and copy one of the promo tool links to your clipboard. Make sure this promo tool link leads to a page containing one of your Smart Forms, ONTRAforms or an order form so you can test the opt in directly.

      Promo Tools in Partner Center

      WARNING: For the most reliable results, if you're using an ONTRAform, put your test opt-in form on an ONTRApage, a WordPress site integrated using the Pilotpress plugin or ONTRAPORT Legacy Landing Page. Partner tracking requires both the ONTRAPORT tracking script on the page and the full, unmodified Smart Form processor script found in every ONTRAform or Legacy Smart Form.

      WARNING: Third party applications such as ClickFunnels, LeadPages, etc. should not be used, as they interfere with Partner tracking.

    Test a Prospect's Opt In or Purchase

    1. Compose and send an email to a different email address that you own and include the promo tool link in the body of the email. Make sure the email address you’re sending to is NOT a contact in your account already. Send this email just as one of your Partner's would, from their regular email account (and not from within ONTRAPORT).
    2. In your default browser, make sure you clear the brower's cache and clear the browser's cookies before proceeding.
    3. Click the link in the email. The link should launch your default browser and load the page with the opt in form.
    4. Fill out the form and submit it.
    5. In ONTRAPORT, find the new Contact Record and click the name to open it.
    6. Click on the Referral Info tab to see the First and Last Referrer fields. For a brand new Contact Record, both the First and Last Referrer fields will have Partner name and email address:

    7. Log a purchase of a commissionable product for this contact
      1. Click the Actions button and select Log a Transaction.
      2. Select a product that is part of the Partner Program from the drop down.
      3. Select Log a transaction (don't charge card) and click Submit to add the purchase to the Contact Record.

    8. Click on Partners > Commissions and Pending Commissions. You should see the pending commission for the transaction you just logged.


    Q. My developer heavily modified the order form code, and now my Partner tracking isn't working. What is my form missing?

    A. The most common causes of failed Partner program tracking are:

    1. Elimination of or editing of the following hidden fields in the form code:
      • afft_
      • aff_
      • sess_
      • oprid
      • uid
    2. To also enable Marketing Tracking you need these hidden fields restored:
      • utm_campaign
      • utm_source
      • utm_medium
      • utm_content
      • utm_term
    3. The page the order form is on does not have our Tracking Script installed
    4. The link to // (where &uid=p2xxxxx includes the account number and form number) has been eliminated
    5. A third-party landing page generator such as LeadPages, ClickFunnels, etc. is stripping out our code prior to submission.

    Have your developer restore any deleted items and retest. If you are using a third-party landing page generator, contact their support team for assistance.

    Q. Can I disable ALL Partner tracking of my form?

    A. Yes, use the HTML Code version of the form and remove the lines shown below in red:


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