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    Create a Partner Program









    Create a Partner Program

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    Once you've set your Global Settings, you can create an Partner Program. Each program will have its own unique settings, and any partner can only be a member of one of your programs. This allows you to invite more potentially valuable prospective partners to sign up to a premium partner program, and have all the other standard partners, sign up for your regular program.

    Introduction to the Partners Collection

    The Partners Collection lists all the Partner Programs created in your account. Just like the Contacts Collection, you can click the item to open it for editing, select one or more items for Actions that appear in the Action Bar, create Groups and apply Group Actions to all items selected in the Group.

    The Group Quick Selection Icon is positioned on the left in all Collections and allows you to quickly select all items in the Group, all the items on the page, or to deselect all the selected items with one click.

    Group quick selection icon

    Along the top is the Group Dropdown, where you can create a new Group or select one you have previously created. The Edit Group button allows you to edit the criteria for the selected Group. The Actions button will show the actions available for the selected items, with the Action Bar showing at the top of the screen. Note that Actions that cannot be taken because no item is selected, or because the action is not available for that item, are presented in a lighter, faded color. The New button will allow you to create a new Contact (shown) or Sequence, Rule, Form, Message, Upsell Form, Partner Program or Landing Page as appropriate for the section you are in.

    the Group dropdown, edit Group, Actions and New buttons

    At the right top are three more tools for the Collection. You can search for data in any of the columns displayed in columns in the Collection, click the Pin icon to add the Collection page to the Pinned Items page, and add columns to the Collection listing.

    add column, pin page and search icons are at the top right

    The Pinned Items page is accessed by clicking the Pin Icon in the main navigation bar when it is visible. The page will show all the pinned items, allowing you to jump to that page with one click.

    the pinned items appear in the page, allowing one-click access to any page in ONTRAPORT

    The Add Column button displays all the available columns allowing you to select what to show in the Collection. Here are some of the columns available and what they are:

    Partner Program Collection

    • Name (what you named the program)
    • Date Created (added Nov. 7, 2017; will show a date if the program was created after that date)
    • Date Modified (added Nov. 7, 2017; will show a date if the program was modified after that date)
    • Partners (number of partners in the program)
    • Visits (number of partners who have visited what the heck?)
    • Leads (number of leads generated by the program)
    • Sales (total number of sales generated by the program)
    • Total (total sales volume generated by the program)
    • # Customers (total number of purchasers added by the program)
    • Commission Amount (total commission payouts + commissions due)

    the fields available in the partners program collection

    Other Features of the Collection

    You can resize the width of the columns by hovering over the far right side of the existing column and dragging the <> indicator.

    change width of the column

    To select a new field for the column, hover over the column name and click the pencil "edit" icon. You can select a new field, delete the column entirely, or move the column by clicking and dragging on the move icon.

    move icon to rearrange the columns


    URLs listed in the columns with the external link icon will open in a new window or tab when clicked.

    the external link icon


    At the bottom of the collection you can decide how many records per page should be displayed, along with navigation controls to page through the records.

    pagination controls on the collection

    How to Create a Partner Program
    1. Navigate to Administration > Advanced Features > Partner Programs and toggle the switch to ON. A Partners icon will appear in your main navigation

    2. Go to the main navigation bar Partners > Programs

    3. Click on the New Partner Program button

    4. Name the program.
    5. Select the program type, 1 Tier or 2 Tier

      1. A 1 tier system means that the only time a commission is made is when someone refers your product and a sale is made.
      2. A 2 tier system allows for the original referrer to make another, usually smaller commission whenever someone who they referred makes a referral that ends up in a sale. This of course, gives your partners an incentive to refer people who refer.
    6. Choose which personal information of referrals to share with your partners

    7. Select whether or not you want to show your partners information on declined charges (in their affiliate center)
    8. Select whether or not you want your partners to be able to see the complete purchase history for each of their referred clients (in their affiliate center)
    9. Select whether you’d like to notify the partner with an email whenever they have earned a commission (optional)

    10. Add products to your new Partner program. Commissions are paid only on products that are part of the Partner program. There is no limit to the number of products you can have in the program, and no limit on the number of programs any individual product can be on. Click the +New Partner Product button and fill in the dialog box for each product you want as part of this Partner program.

      add products to the partner program
    11. The entries on this page auto-save, and you can simply navigate away when finished.









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