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    Create a Partner Program


    Create a Partner Program

    Once you've set your Global Settings, you can create an
    Partner Program. Each program will have its own unique settings, and any partner can only be a member of one of your programs. This allows you to invite more potentially valuable prospective partners to sign up to a premium partner program, and have all the other standard partners, sign up for your regular program.




    How to Create a Partner Program
    1. Navigate to Administration > Advanced Features > Partner Programs and toggle the switch to ON. A Partners icon will appear in your main navigation


    2. Go to the main navigation bar > Partners > Programs

    3. Click on the New Partner Program button

    4. Name the program.

    5. Select the program type

      1. 1 tier or 2 tier

        1. A 1 tier system means that the only time a commission is made is when someone refers your product and a sale is made.

        2. A 2 tier system allows for the original referrer to make another, usually smaller commission whenever someone who they referred makes a referral that ends up in a sale. This of course, gives your partners an incentive to refer people who refer.

    6. Choose which personal information of referrals to share with your partners

      1. Here, you will select how much information on referrals you want shared with the referring partner (when the partner logs into their affiliate center). Below that, you can select any of the check boxes to show even more information to your affiliates.

        1. Do this In the case, say for instance, that you have special, "reseller partners" who you'd like to allow to do very thorough accounting based upon their sales.

      2. Select whether or not you want to show your partners information on declined charges (in their affiliate center)

      3. Select whether or not you want your partners to be able to see the complete purchase history for each of their referred clients (in their affiliate center)

    7. Select whether you’d like to notify the partner with an email whenever they have earned a commission (optional)

    8. Add products to your new Partner program. Commissions are paid only on products that are part of the Partner program. There is no limit to the number of products you can have in the program, and no limit on the number of programs any individual product can be on. Click the +New Partner Product button and fill in the dialog box for each product you want as part of this Partner program.

      add products to the partner program

    9. The entries on this page auto-save, and you can simply navigate away when finished.


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