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    Creating a Partner Signup Form


    A Partner signup form is an ONTRAPORT Smart Form that's configured to function as an application form for your Partner Programs. This form replaces the dedicated Affiliate Sign Up Form in Office Autopilot.


    The Automatic Approval method adds all applicants to your Partner Program without any interaction on your part. The Manual Approval method demonstrates a way to automatically create a Group of pending Partners for you to approve manually.


    Keep in mind that in ONTRAPORT, a Partner can only be a member of one Partner Program at a time. A Partner that signs up for another Partner program using the Automatic Approval method would be changed to the new Partner program.

    How to Create a Partner Signup Form (Automatic Approval)

    1. Go to the Contacts menu > Smart Forms (or you can create an ONTRApage with a Smart Form block) 

    2. Click the New Smart Form button

    3. On the Settings tab, under Sequences, select Create New Sequence. Name the new sequence Add Partner - Auto or something similar. Click Save and Edit

    4. The editor will take you to the Create Sequence screen. Choose to create a new Step Sequence.

    5. Add a Rule Step to the sequence. If you have a WordPress site integrated with ONTRAPORT, and want to allow your Partners to visit the Partner Center there, add an action under Then Do This, selecting Give access to WordPress Membership Level. Select any membership level your site has; on log in WordPress will recognize they are a Partner.


    6. Add another action and select Change the value of a field. Click on the Partner Program field and not the right arrow next to it:


    7. Select the appropriate Partner Program from the drop down:

    8. Save the Rule Step.

    9. Add an Email Step to welcome the new Partner, and provide the username and password for logging into your WordPress site if appropriate. Use merge fields for the site log in details. When finished with the Step Sequence, save the sequence. The editor will return you to your Partner sign up form.

    10. Make any other design or functional edits to your form (See Form Builder Overview)

    How to Create a Partner Signup Form (Manual Approval)

    Creating a partner signup form for a Partner Program that requires approval involves building a few system components as well as performing the manual process of approval thereafter. Instead of the signup form automatically adding applicants to your partner program, you’ll need to tag the applicants and group them so you can refer back to them in your Contacts Collection and approve them at your leisure. This can be done by having the signup form add all Partner Program applicants to a Step Sequence that automatically tags them and sends them a confirmation/thank you email.

    Create the partner application form

    1. Go to the Contacts menu > Smart Forms





    2. Click the New Form button and choose the type you'd like. ONTRAforms are recommended.





    3. Add a step sequence to your form that will tag partner applicants and send a confirmation email. 

      1. Click on Form Settings (click on the Smart Form block, then Form Settings)





      2. Find the Sequences area under Manage Form Fills section and select Create New Sequence in the dropdown menu



      3. Enter a sequence name for your partner applicant sequence such as ‘Pending Partners’

      4. Click Save and Edit 

      5. Create a new step sequence

      6. Add a rule step to tag your partner program applicants



        1. Under Then Do This, select the action Add Contact to Tag




        2. Select Create New Tag from the Select Tag menu




        3. Enter a tag name such as "Pending Partner"

        4. Close the step

      7. Add an email step to send your partner applicants an application confirmation




        1. Create a New Email

        2. Compose an email to the applicant that confirms their application submission, thanks them for applying, and notifies them of your turnaround time for partner approval

        3. Close the step

      8. Save the sequence

    4. Make any other design, functional, or field edits to your form (see Form Builder Overview)

    5. Save the form

    Create the pending partners group

    1. Go to Contacts > Manage Groups

    2. Enter a group name such as ‘pending partners’ to identify all partners that need approval

    3. Under Field, select Contact Tags

    4. Under Condition, select Contains

    5. Under Value, select the tag you created in step 3f above

    6. Save the group



    How to Approve Partners (Manual Approval)

    Manually approving pending partners can be as simple as changing the Partner Program field manually or adding the pending partner to a Step Sequence. Use a Step Sequence when you need to add the new Partner to an integrated Wordpress site.

    Manual Approval (no Partner Center access)

    To manually approve pending partners, you’ll perform an action on your pending partners group in your Contacts Collection.


      1. Go to your Contacts Collection

      2. Select your pending partners group (see section How to Create a Partner Signup Form (manual approval))

      3. Check off the Contacts you want to approve and add to your Partner Program

      4. In the Actions drawer, click on Change Field Value

      5. Select the Field: Partner Program

      6. Select your Partner Program

      7. Click Save



    Manual Approval with Step Sequence (Partner Center access)

    1. Create a Step Sequence to assign the Partner program and (optional) Wordpress Affiliate Center access to your new Partners.

    2. Create a Rule Step. Under THEN DO THIS select "Change the value of a field". Select the field "Partner Program" and select the new Partner program.


    3. If you have an integrated WordPress site, click the + ADD NEW ACTION link and select "Give access to WordPress Membership Level". Assign the "Partner" level.



    4. Save the Rule Step.

    5. Add a Message Step welcoming the new Partner, and giving them the Wordpress login credentials using Merge Fields.

    6. Save the sequence.

    7. Assign new Partners to the Step Sequence when you approve them.

    Posting your Partner Signup Form

    If you are using an ONTRAform, visit this knowledge base article

    If you are using an ONTRApage, visit this knowledge base article.

    If you are using a legacy Smart Form, visit this knowledge base article. 

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