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    Fuzed Integration With Gmail and TimeTrade

    About the Fuzed Integration with TimeTrade

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above accounts.

    Fuzed is an application that automates exchanging information between online services. It can take advantage the TimeTrade appointmnent application's integration with Google Calendar to:

    • Pass contact data from TimeTrade into ONTRAPORT
    • Apply ONTRAPORT Contact Tags to anyone who books an appointment using TimeTrade
    • Update/populate custom Contact Fields in ONTRAPORT with appointment data


    How To Activate The Integration

    1. Connect ONTRAPORT and Fuzed using an ONTRAPORT API Key.
    2. Connect Google Calendar to Fuzed.
    3. Log in to Fuzed.
    4. Create a New Fuze.
    5. Name your Fuze.
    6. Select your trigger service: Google Calendar. This is the service that will trigger your action.
    7. Select the Google Calendar you wish to link to.
    8. Select trigger action: Add Description Guest (required). When using TimeTrade you must select this option. TimeTrade inputs data into the Description section of a Google Calendar Event and therefore you must tell Fuzed to scrape the data from that section of your chosen Google Event.
    9. Set parameter. We recommend selecting “Contains” and then under Set event title criteria type in a keyword that corresponds with your TimeTrade calendar.
    10. For example, if your TimeTrade calendar is called “VIP Calls” then type “VIP” under Set event title criteria so that Fuze knows where to pull the data from. You can also select “Start with” and under Set event title criteria, type in the first word or phrase of the Google Calendar you’re looking to integrate.
    11. Select your action service: ONTRAPORT
    12. Select action to perform. Here you have two options:
      1. Add Tag to Contact. When someone comes through the calendar that you’ve selected they will be given a tag. The drop-down menu contains all your ONTRAPORT tags. You can also add a new tag from this drop-down by selecting “[Add New Tag]”. Now once they come from your selected calendar they will be given the tag you’ve selected.
      2. Add Info to Fields. When a contact comes through your TimeTrade calendar you can add the information being scraped from Google Calendar via the Fuzed app to specific fields in your ONTRAPORT account. Check the boxes for the fields you want inputted into your ONTRAPORT account.
      3. One restriction is that you cannot Add Tag to Contact and Add Info to Fields within the same Fuze. This must be done by creating two separate Fuzes.
    13. Click Create Fuze

    Now when a contact comes through your TimeTrade calendar and their information is added to Google Calendar, depending on what data you selected to pass over in your new Fuze, their information will be collected and added into your ONTRAPORT database.

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