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    Fuzed Integration with Wistia



    The Fuzed/Wistia integration with ONTRAPORT makes it possible for you to track and tag contacts based on viewer engagement with your hosted Wistia videos. Once you connect Fuzed and ONTRAPORT to Wistia, you’ll be able to send your contacts links to your videos and tag them based on the duration they spent watching. In response to those tags being applied, you can trigger automated responses to follow-up with contacts who have viewed your videos.


    Note: ONTRAPORT also has a built in integration with Wistia that enables the "turnstile" function to collect contact information for anyone viewing your videos. It does not return the length of time the contact has viewed the video.

    How to Connect Fuzed to ONTRAPORT and Wistia

    1. Obtain an ONTRAPORT API Key

      1. Log into ONTRAPORT

      2. Request a new API key

      3. Copy/paste your new API AppId and API Key into a notepad application

    2. Connect ONTRAPORT and Fuzed

      1. Log into your Fuzed account

      2. Navigate to your Account Settings

      3. Under Not Connected, click on the ONTRAPORT option

      4. Paste your ONTRAPORT API AppID and API Key into the pop-up window

    3. Connect Wistia to Fuzed

      1. Log into your Wistia account  

      2. Navigate to your Account Dashboard

      3. Click on API

      4. Copy the API password to your clipboard

      5. Go back into your Fuzed account

      6. In your Account Settings, click on the Wistia option

      7. Paste the API password into the Connect to Wistia window

      8. Click Connect

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    How to Tag Wistia Video Viewers with Fuzed

    This is done by creating a new fuze in your Fuzed account and then sending your contacts a link to your Wistia video via an email from your ONTRAPORT account. You have the freedom to create as many fuzes as you want per Wistia video.

    1. Create a new Fuze in your Fuzed account

      1. Log into your Fuzed account

      2. Click the Create new fuze button

      3. Name your fuze. Use a name specific to the video and duration you wish to track.

      4. Select Wistia as your trigger service

      5. Select your (Wistia) project. The options correspond directly to the projects stored in your Wistia account.

      6. Select your media

      7. Select the trigger action Percentage Viewed

      8. Select a Set parameter and a Set percentage value. This determines how much of your video the contact views before this fuze acts on them.

      9. Select ONTRAPORT as your action service

      10. Select Add Tag to Contact as the action to perform

      11. Select an existing tag or create a new tag on the fly to apply to your contact

      12. Click Create Fuze

    2. Send Contacts to your Wistia video

      1. Log into Wistia

      2. Go to the video you want to share and track contact engagement with

      3. Under Video Actions, select Embed & Share

      4. Select the Social Sharing option

      5. Copy the unique link to your clipboard

      6. Log into ONTRAPORT

      7. Create an email either in the Messages tab or within a Sequence to send to your contacts

      8. Paste the Wistia link from step 2e into the body of your email

      9. Add the text below to the end of this URL

        1. /?wemail=[Email]

        2. Your URL should look something like this:[Email]

        3. *Note - Don't link this URL with the linking tool - sending raw links is bad for email delivery. Instead, insert the URL into your email without linking it; the URL will turn into a link automatically when someone receives the email.

      10. Save your email

    Once you’ve set this up and contacts have received the email, any contacts that clicks the link will trigger the action you created in your Fuzed account. Fuzed also allows you to view logs of viewer engagement per fuze.

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    Important Facts

    • An active fuze won’t run on a contact until the full length of the video has passed plus ten minutes.

    • ONTRAPORT's built in integration with Wistia enables you to collect new contact information by utilizing the Wistia Turnstile function, but does not return the length of time the contact has viewed the video.


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      Jason Smith

      Is there any way this tracking would work with the Wistia video embedded into an Ontrapage? For example, if the user completed a smartform on an Ontra Landing Page, then we send them to a Ontra "Thank You" page with a video appending the page URL with /?wemail=[Email], would this work?