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    Integrating Evergreen Business Systems

    Note: Evergreen Business Systems is no longer sold and has been replaced by EverWebinar and WebinarJam Studio. Please see integration instructions for those platforms at Ontraport Integration with WebinarJam Studio & EverWebinar.



    Evergreen Business Systems (EBS) is an automated webinar platform that allows you to host a pre-recorded video posing as a live webinar. EBS enhances the experience by allowing you to implement and customize interactive features such as pop-up questions at certain points in the video, pop-up links with an offer, a list of other participants to make your webinar appear popular or at capacity, etc. Refer to their website for more information.


    This integration allows you to create a webinar registration form in the EBS platform that integrates with the ONTRAPORT contact record. In doing so, anyone who registers for a webinar in EBS is added to your ONTRAPORT database to be marketed to based on their level of engagement with your webinar. The integration adds custom Contact Fields to ONTRAPORT in a new section in the Contact record. Global Rules can be triggered by values in these Contact Fields to add a Contact to a nurturing Sequence if they viewed the entire webinar or left early, etc.


    Note: Evergreen Business Systems also allows you to use the HTML form code of any Smart Form as a sign up form, adding the Contact to your ONTRAPORT account. This simplified method does not add the advanced features described below, and should not be used with this more advanced integration. For more information on the simplified HTML form code method contact Evergreen Business Systems.




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    Obtain API Keys in ONTRAPORT

    How to Request an API Key

    1. Click your email address at the top right

    2. Navigate to Administration > ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager  Show me

    3. Click the New API Key button  Show me


      1. If you receive the API Application form, fill it out and submit it.  Show me

      2. When your API application is approved, return here and generate the key as shown in step 4 below.

      3. *We need to ask these brief questions to help protect both you and each of our other existing customers from potential exploits that could hurt their marketing efforts. Approval takes from one to two business days.

    4. When your API Key request has been granted, return and click the New API Key button again. Name the API Key. Select the Contact Owner and check off all Permissions for EBS. Click Save.  Show me


    5. Copy the App ID and API Key to a text file for use in configuring EBS  Show me

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    Link a Webinar to ONTRAPORT

    1. Log into EBS

    2. Click on Member Login under Automated Webinar Module

    3. Click on New Webinar (or an existing webinar)

    4. Fill out the required information. When you come to the Email Notification System:

      1. Select Own Autoresponder under Sign Up Form Option

      2. Select Office Autopilot in the Select Autoresponder drop down

      3. Paste the App ID and API Key copied from ONTRAPORT earlier into the appropriate fields  Show me

      4. Finish configuring your webinar and hosting it with EBS

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    Using the EBS Integration

    Webinars created in Evergreen Business Systems will add a Contact record section named after the webinar, and adds eight custom fields to the section. The new custom fields added to the section are:

    • User ID

    • Webinar Date

    • Webinar Time

    • Webinar Topic

    • Webinar Presenter

    • Short Live Link

    • Short Replay Link

    • Status Webinar

    EBS will populate the fields for each Contact who signs up for the webinar. Rules in ONTRAPORT can act on Contacts based on the value in the fields as shown in the examples below. The first example shows how to add the new registrants to a nurturing sequence in ONTRAPORT to send them reminders about the webinar. The second example is optional, and is used to identify Contacts who do not finish watching the webinar.

    Acknowledge and Nurture Webinar Signups

    Your customers will sign up for the webinar using the Evergreen Business Systems registration page. When they sign up, EBS will update the Status Webinar field in their ONTRAPORT Contact Record. The following example uses that update to add the Contact to an ONTRAPORT nurturing sequence to encourage them to attend.

    1. In Contacts > Sequences click the New Sequence button  Show me

    2. Name the Sequence. We recommend using "EBS -" and the name of the webinar for easy reference later

    3. Create an Email step for your first step, thanking and welcoming the Contact to your upcoming webinar. You can use the Webinar Date and Webinar Time merge fields to remind them of the date and time

    4. EBS supplies the Short Live Link (the URL of the webinar). Add it as a hyperlink in the email.

      1. Add the Short Live Link merge field to the email. Copy the merge field and delete it. You will use it to hyperlink plain text later

      2. Type the name of the hyperlink, such as "Click Here". Highlight this and click the Link icon.

      3. In the link dialog that pops up select "Other" in the Protocol drop down and paste the Short Live Link into the URL box  Show me

      4. Click OK

    5. Add additional steps to the Sequence as desired.

    6. If you would like to have timed reminders, sent a specific number of days prior to the webinar, you can create a Date Sequence

      1. In the Step Sequence for the webinar, add a Rule step. Under Then Do This select Add Contact to Sequence

      2. Select Create New Sequence and type the name of the new Date Sequence in the box. Click Save and Edit  Show me

      3. Choose to create a new Date Sequence

      4. Add an Email step and choose the Specific Event selection near the top. Select "Before" the event in the drop down, and fill in the number of days. Select the Webinar Date field EBS created.  Show me

      5. Use merge fields to populate the email with the webinar information, including the Short Live Link for the URL to the webinar. This email will go out 2 days prior to the event. If the Contact is added to the Date Sequence just a day before the event, they will not see this email.

      6. Add another email step for one day before the event. Include the information from the first step as a reminder, including the Short Live Link that provides the URL to the webinar.

      7. To add an SMS notification just prior to the event add an SMS step. Set it to fire on the day of the webinar an hour or two before. Set the time in the Time to Send drop down (the merge field for Webinar Time cannot be used to offset for the Date Sequence steps).  Show me

      8. Finish adding any steps you desire to the Date Sequence and click Save at the top right. You will be returned to the Step Sequence you are editing. Move the Rule step adding the Contact to the Date Sequence to the top of the Step Sequence. We want to make sure the Contact is added to the Date Sequence right away.

    7. Save the Step Sequence

    8. In Contacts > Rules add a new global Rule  Show me

    9. Under When This Happens, select A Field is Updated  Show me

    10. Select the field Status Webinar for the Webinar. Set the Condition field Equal To and select Registered

    11. Under Then Do This select Add Contact to Sequence and select the Step Sequence created for this webinar.  Show me

    12. Save the global Rule

    How this works: The global Rule adds the Contact to the Step Sequence as soon as the Status Webinar field is updated to Registered by EBS. The Step Sequence welcomes them, and sends them the email with the Short Live Link so they can attend the webinar. The optional Date Sequence created in step 6 can fine tune your response to be sure the Contact is reminded a specific number of days before the Webinar Date.


    Use the Status Webinar Field to Reengage Lost Viewers

    The Status Webinar field will also be updated after the Contact has viewed all or a portion of a webinar. In this example we use a global Rule that triggers when the Status Webinar field is updated to show a Contact viewed a portion of the webinar, but missed the special offer at the end.

    1. In the Contacts collection, click Rules and the Add Rule button.

    2. Under When This Happens select A Field is Updated. Select the Status Webinar field.

    3. In the If This is True section select Field is This Value and select the same Status Webinar field. In the Condition selection box select Equal To. Finally, in the Value drop down select the status AttendedNotSawOffer.

    4. In the Then Do This section select Add Contact to Sequence and create a new sequence named EBS: Early Departure Nurture. Click Save and Edit to create and edit the Sequence  Show me

    5. Click Create New on the Step Sequence option.

    6. Create the steps for your nurture sequence and click Save.

    7. When you return to the Rule click Save.  Show me

    8. When a Contact views the webinar but does not attend long enough to see your offer EBS will update the Status Webinar field with AttendedNotSawOffer. This ONTRAPORT Rule will register the field change and add the Contact to the sequence EBS: Nurture Early Departure.

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    Q. Do you need to create a generate a new API Key for every webinar?

    A. No, you only need one API Key and APP ID for the integration.

    Q. After people register, I'd like to send them the Short Live Link in an email as a hyperlink. Can I make the merge field into a hyperlink?

    A. Yes, in the HTML Email Editor use the "other" protocol with the merge field to create a hyperlink. First, add the correct merge field to the text of the email and copy it (it must be copied exactly to work correctly). Highlight your hyperlink text and click the Link icon. Select the protocol and paste the merge field into the URL field. Remember to delete the temporary merge field in the email body afterwards!  Show me

    Q. Do the Custom Fields added by EBS count against my Custom Field data limit?

    A. Yes. In ONTRAPORT a data limit equal to about 150 additional custom fields exists. The automatic addition of 8 custom fields per webinar title will require management to prevent hitting the overall data limit. Deleting older custom fields will free up space.

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      Hi Frank

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      There's no longer an Office Autopilot nor a Ontraport option under the Email autoresponder integration...

      Can you help?

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      I updated the link to the general instructions they now provide for integration with ONTRAPORT!

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